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Spend your forties wishing you pursue your dreams. He'd no one wins. I mean yeah mark sharon who said something like the one of the things that made his podcast so famous and go viral and those early days is like him being really honest about his own career prospects which hilariously blew up and he became came the guy he is because he admitted to saying basically these things of like is your are you chasing your dreams or your dreams. Chasing you like at which point are your dream chasing. You and i think when you're like when you're talking about. It's usually people who are talking about doing something artistic. It's these stories are generally not like i had this during bringham dream of being an accountant and i'm finally account you know what i mean like inside it to pursue my dream of being an accountant at the age of at the old age of forty five when i was clearly past is my prime for using excel. It's never usually not that scenario. It's usually something kind of more in the arts or whatever an athletic thing dance. Thank you starting your own business. That's that's the version there you go also. There's there's there's really old people who go to medical school. I don't like that really fucking old people that goes. I remember my brother who is eligible went to school with someone who was much older. It was like an interesting you know. It was just like an interesting thing that they were doing such a crazy career change powers about he and i were in a maybe a couple other friends. We were joking about writing a screenplay about a bunch of fortysomething comedians who all quit on mass and go to medica- go to dental school together yeah but that's the deal that kind of like a reverse of the sort of those movies usually are and then one of them gets caught sneaking out and doing open mics at night and like no all right. We're dentist now. That's i mean i think an ear in a field that one of these fields where everyone a spile had a dream about doing it. You know the people that have that dream. I mean what do you do you ever meet someone who's like older getting into <hes> journalism that you're like like what are you doing well. I think one of the questions you have to answer is like. Are you really good at this thing that you really want to do and could be a dream but you could suck got it right then it might just be a hoppy and you have to be okay with being a hobby <hes> actually no older people. Don't tend to really want want to be journalists. I think as you age you kind of realize that no one likes journalists except for other journalists and they don't like journalists don't like exactly so journalism isn't really one that <hes> a disillusionment sets and really really early but i know i do you see this. Let my my dad pivoted away from his career in his mid fifties <hes> wow to what to to have his own business <hes> he owns a kumaon on learning center in union prairie minnesota. Wait a what kumaon learning center..

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