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Can't see a dog on WGN radio. I'm Raleigh James. I can't believe I said I don't know if I got this record. I don't have it. I play it on gauge. All right, number three on the R&B charts bubbled under on the pop charts and the pop version they released it twice doesn't have Gerald alston's soliloquy at the beginning of it. It just starts at the music part. But of course the R&B part included that soliloquy. And it was interesting because that was recorded in Macon in the same studio that James Brown did a lot of his recordings and it was it was terrific. It was the first top ten record on the R&B side they ever had and it got to number three and how Neely and bob Riley and Bobby Smith did that and bob Riley was a promotion guy, actually. And Bobby Smith owned the studio and Macon and a 1 million 1 was New York and one life to live was making. And it was just great. I think they did some cleanup work in Nashville and blue was talking about that. He said, yeah, we did some stuff in national, but not Memphis. And Neely Riley and Smith were the in-house producers in Macon. And blue did the arrangements and he said, well, I don't think we ever got any credit for that. And that was the deal in hell nearly had been a vice president of king and I think he was struggling. It's starting at the time. So it was a great record. I can't believe it was like, oh, I don't know. Yeah, I'm just too old to exist anymore. What's happened? So 888-876-5593. We'll get to Nick and Baltimore. What's up, Nick, talk to me. Hey, I'm doing good. How are you doing? All right. Well, other than my mind left me, that's all other than that I'm fine. Mine left me a long time. Yeah, exactly. Boy, that's great stuff you play. Yeah. I haven't called in a while. I've been listening. I really appreciate the show. So I had a question about KR VN and Lexington, Nebraska. Yeah, Lexington, Nebraska. Lexington. Yes, yes. The big, it was originally the Big Ten ten. And the 8 8 8 8 now. That's what I wanted to ask of him. When did they move? I always thought they were at 8 80. Well, no, I think that 72. And what happened was this, by the way, is owned by farmers. We talk about clear channels being really just so important to people in the white space and the farmers and all that. Well, this was owned by a cooperative of farmers and ranchers. And in 1948, I guess 1951, they put on K or BN. And it was on ten ten and it had 10,000 watts. But in 1972, they moved it to 8 80 because they got the 50,000. Crying words. And Joe Scarborough, you know him from the morning joke on MSNBC. He says, look, Joe Biden didn't commit any crimes with the document, and you know, this is what I feel is happening now in the media where they put all of their stock in this most recent, let's get Trump, right? Where everybody's up in arms, including my barista, my Cuban barista, who says that, you know, no, no, no, the big key difference. Trump still, you know, we should firing squad, right? But Joe Biden, oh, it was just a simple mistake. Clerical error. And what Scarborough is saying here about Biden, to me, makes all the sense in the world. And I rarely agree with him, but I think he's saying this because now everybody's changing their tune and trying to soften their approach because they realize you know what? This this is in as big a deal as we thought. You know, it was a big deal when Trump was the only guy doing it. He stole the documents. He was selling the nuclear code. Have you heard about the nuclear codes lately anybody? Is anybody still saying that? Is anybody still talking about obstruction of death justice? I don't think so. But listen to what Joe Scarborough had to say. Listen, if Joe Biden committed a crime, charging. If Donald Trump committed a crime, charge him, that's pretty simple. Guess what? Joe Biden didn't commit a crime. They found the documents they turned it back. Donald Trump most likely did commit a crime and it's straightforward so it was Merrick Garland or anybody the DoJ are winging their hands. They're not just doing a disservice to America. They're doing a disservice to justice. They're doing a disservice to the rule of law. If they, in any way, are distracted by this ground noise. Again, let me say. If in their investigation of Joe Biden, they find anything illegal, charging. We're a nation of laws, not a nation of rulers who are above the law. I know Donald Trump thinks he is. He's not. Okay. So he tries to clean it up at the end, but essentially here it looks like damage control, right? To me, it seems like damage control from Joe Scarborough, because Joe Scarborough and a lot of folks in the media, there was a few people on CNN the other day with making the same thing saying, look, in effect, this whole case has fallen apart. Even if it doesn't fall apart with the DoJ, it's falling apart in the court of public opinion, because unless you're just an avid Trump hater, which, you know, I'm finding that there's a good amount of them out there, but by and large, there are a bunch of people that are like, look. I didn't like him because you know he tweeted this and he did that and his bravado and he's just blah blah blah, but look, they look at their pockets, they look at their 401k, they look at everything and they say, things were a lot better. Just three short years ago, so I think more and more people are inclined to miss Trump. And I see those interviews, you know, man on the street type of interviews all the time. On social media and whatnot where people are out there saying, you know, what do you think about Donald Trump now? And they're like, and you also still see somewhere people are saying, look, we need tolerance. We need love. We got to embrace the other side. And then I said, what do you think about so and so like, oh, he should be hung. You know what I'm saying? Hold on a second. What happens to tolerance and love? So these are some of those things that I think will continue to see from the media where they say, look, look, it was a simple mistake. And if Trump made the same simple mistake, then he should get the same thing as Biden. There's probably worse things he's done and they'll have to focus on something else. Maybe they'll go back to January 6th. Maybe they'll switch gears to something else. Or they'll just have to find an entirely new shtick against Trump. Either way, I think this is the end of the attack on Trump. I could be wrong. But that's what my gut tells

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