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I know that sure. So the whole that whole positive quick you can talk. How do we know the active of? Let you blow by okay, okay. I'm not gonna blow by something. So are you bad at school in bad books marts or did you early on just enjoy this? And now I'm going to say, I suck at it. And then we'll expect me to really do anything could they could just be just didn't enjoy it. Like a lot of folks didn't enjoy. No, I'm pretty bad at it. You are all read something and have no idea what I just read as a dyslexic. I didn't understand anything. I read either. I mean, sometimes it was like four passes over a paragraph before like understood what was going. Yeah. Yes. So I took one past don't get and move on. Or just not focusing on it like anyone can just read words and not go through you have to make sure you're focusing on it like, maybe your brain was just somewhere. Right. That is for sure I love to have a good time and have and I want to only have a good time. That's exactly Monica. What I was going to say. Which is we now know that you like your show Ryan Hansen solves crimes on television available on YouTube premium. I think that's what it's called now. Okay. All three of us have been on that program. We have. That's right spoiler. There. You on any given day on that show is often had like fourteen pages of dialogue. So you clearly have the skill to read something understand it because you're going to have to now relate the intention of that paragraph in front of a camera. Yeah. And you have to memorize fourteen pages. I see what you say. It's a little incongruous. Like, you can't have been that bad at it. And yet this good at the text of a script. I don't think that memorizing a script is is the same thing as being like look Martin being good at school. But you're doing more than memorizing it because you are under St.. Winding what the intention of that bit of dialogue is. So if your partner says, we can't were gonna break the rules, and you go no because blank blank blank. You have to understand what you're really trying to say. Yeah. You couldn't be an actor. I gotta go back to school guys. What if what if I convinced you go back the end result of all this? I think it would be if there was a subject that I cared about. I think I would die then now and like it'd be great, right? But I don't care about anything. Now. How if you were that bad? How did you graduate was it? Did you barely graduate? No. I graduated fine. Okay. Remember, what your grade point was? I'm sure it was sees. Okay. So fine. Yeah. That's what I graduated with and your dumb. I think the downfall started in sixth grade. Okay, because I had moved to San Diego and sixth grade from from San Jose a ramble right born in fountain valley, whereas fountain valley that Orange County. Right. As about five years old got a new job. He's a pastor up to San Jose didn't Campbell. And he's specifically a music pasture. Pastor pastor, I pastor. Pastor, right? Yes. So he it minister. So he does like the choir. He does the plays. He does all all the arrangements. And all that he's performing the worship all that. Yes. So can he write and read music? He can definitely read music and more of an arranger. I don't know if he I don't know if rights anything. Okay. And what did he does he play instruments the ano- piano the pianist in? So giant pianist growing up she'll so he's a little penis. Well. Earn seven take that dad. Oh my God. I'm so glad you brought up your height my favorite moment between Ryan maybe ever. But at one point your your friend, and who you always call your cousin Peter Peter Hansen. He's not really his cousin Hanson. Okay. Okay. Let's see Peter shout out another big shout out. What have you just did two hours? Shout outs. Peter Lindsay, they live in Chicago. What's up baby? So Peter was over we were at your old house on blocks, and the topic of our hike came up Peter Nys like oh who's taller roughly the exact same thing to talk about. Yeah. Go ahead. Okay. And so I think either he was referring to himself as six three and me six two or vice versa. Yeah. But we were the same height. So we're like, oh who's right? Yes. So we decided to measure ourselves three of us. And it turned out that Peter and I were the exact same height at six two and a half. Yeah. Get then you measured yourself in you your whole life. Ben. Well, I think I said I you you while I'm six foot. And I think, you know, you're not like. Yeah. You would ever like I'm six in the way, you were saying it was which is great because you're the nicest person I have ever met in my life yet. There's only there's two-zone where you'll get cranky. You have you have a competitive streak, which is love. I really do. Yeah. To see that side of you during the game horse is really fun. But I could tell right when you said I'm six foot that this was zone that I should be careful around. So you measured yourself as it turned out your five eleven that measuring tape now all we were it was that's not the best part of the story. So it's revealed that you're not six foot years five eleven and then forty minutes later, I'm in the living room and I see Ryan walking through a dining room into the kitchen. He goes six foot.

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