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To chime in on this spoken to a number of friends of mine. Go to the Ivy league yesterday busted their accents got in one way or another. But at the end of the day. Yes, it's a beautiful certificate to have when you graduate. But getting into these Ivy leagues not about having that graduation. It's about meeting the people that are there. So like excel your options to get ahead. So if you went into a friend of mine that works for one of the big financial firms he went to Saint John's like I did. And he told me he couldn't get into the boys club and a hedge funds because he didn't go to Harvard. He didn't go to you. Right. Well, there's definitely that community. Once you're there, and they they all create they have the clubs because they've got the Harvard club and the Yale club here in New York. Then you'll streak you run a boiler room operation, and all of a sudden, you're a player Scaramucci. Yeah. Right. And who is the other guy that they made a movie out of? Oh that was illegal. That was hilly. We we don't want to talk about that too banana crime family. That's what they perfect it. But it's interesting Ben Shapiro who follows us from TD shakes. He had gone to UCLA for his four years. And then he was accepted Harvard Law School and dean of Harvard Law School at the time who welcomed all the new five hundred students in his class was Kagan. Who says on the United States Supreme court? And he told a great story yesterday. He says we'll all sitting there. We don't know one another. She's saying you're the best. You're the brightest. You're the elite you the future leaders of the world. You know, how special you are. And Shapiro was saying I don't think that's the way it should be talking to us because some of us are going to wash out when I was going to be able to make our grades. A lot of kids are not going to be able to finish supposed to say. Some of you will make it in some of you won't. Well, I think these points Alto de elitism. Yeah. But I mean when you make it to Harvard you while zoom ably have gone, you are the cream of really of the crop. Really? Well, we you assume that you are. That's the reason that you Harvard winless streak crashed right? Two thousand and eight CEO's, right? Gone to the Harvard School of economics right criminal at Crump. They almost caused a world economic collapse. It wasn't just all the Harvard people. There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and a lot of players. I know what you're saying Ivy league myth is that you are the best. If you go to an I. Now, remember, though, I mean, I saw kids spectacularly my little boyfriend in highschool friends that went to Saint Albans is private boys school. I saw how hard these kids worked and how bright they were. And how they really really sacrificed to get into great schools tend to go onto these great law schools had Ted Kennedy work, real, hard and Harvard. He cheated his way drought Harvard until eventually got clip. I'm not saying that if you if you don't go to college, or if you do go to college, and you just a mediocre college. I went to Mizzou I mean. I mean, nothing that I learned at Mizzou gave me my journalists. I didn't go to the j school. I ended up a party school. That's the problem. I went there fourth of J school, but I ended up partying because I was an angel during high school, so. Very well known. I hate I despise Ivy leaguers. Silly. They think they're better than they were. Who do they think they are? They got their connection say get in there because of the legacy because their fathers mothers, you all of your childhood all of your high school years and your college years, basically sacrificing working working working working. Yeah. You kind of do stand. Know, you sound like the Asian kids who went out getting capped out of all the Ivy league schools. So they earn their way through meritocracy into these Ivy league schools. They told you to work hard play by the rules. And now all of a sudden on system says it too many Asians who many southeast Asian. So guess what we've got to put a cap on you all of that. But anyway, let's get on news headlines in update njdiet.

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