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Is Sports Illustrated senior fantasy analyst Michael Fabiano. I'm Amber. Theo Harris. Travis Kelsey. The clear number one tight end off the board is a top 10 pick in most drafts over 20 fantasy points per game last year, unheard of from a tight end, but let's talk. Upside for these tight ends. Who will be a breakout tight end in 2021 fabs? It has to be Kyle pits, right? It has to. I mean, we're talking about a guy Matt Ryan throwing two. We're talking about a guy who Is being selected as the fifth tight end overall, and he's a rookie, which is bananas. Alright. I mean, you look back to the eighties, okay? And you've had three guys in their rookie seasons. Go over 170 fantasy points. Keith Jackson, Jeremy Shockey and have an anger. Um, right. All in the NFC East. Surprisingly enough, right back, right. So I love the old school stuff. So If he doesn't break out, he's going to be a massive disappointment. And so you've got to put them there. I've got him fifth among tight ends, so I expect him to bust out and be. I set unicorn, right and then John you Smith. And initially I was down on John and Smith because Henry Henry sign with the Patriots, and it seemed like they were going to cancel each other out. But Hunter Hunter has been dealing with an injury, right and John knew Smith looks like he'll at least enter the season as the guy the top tight end in New England. And Matt Jones, right, young, accurate quarterback right young guy who potentially could utilize both James White and John knew Smith as his security blankets in the passing game. Right. So I like Johnny Smith to potentially end up being a top 10 to 12 tight end from a fantasy football perspective. May not be the most consistent guy in the world because they've got a lot of mouths to feed in that offense. But Smith's value is rising up for me. So intrigued to see what that Patriots offense looks like. With Mac Jones this year. Who are your sleepers at the tight end position? I like Gerald Everett and effort is a guy who really never popped in Los Angeles because he was splitting work with Tyler Higbee, but he did leave the ranch tight engine targets last year. Now he's in Seattle. Who's the OC? Shane Waldron, who comes from where Los Angeles right, So there is certainly a connection there. And Pete Carroll in the off season, had said that if there is a guy who's going to break out on this offense, it will be Gerald efforts. So I certainly like him as a late round tight into with upside, no doubt about that. And then cold commit in Chicago the last four or five games in his rookie season, We started to see a little bit more success from a statistical standpoint. Jimmy Graham is still there. Yes. Could that mean potentially losing out on red Zone opportunities? Yes, but you've got Alan Robinson. You've got Darnell Mooney and then Maybe Kolka met could end up being the guy who's 13 targets on that team, so he is certainly worth that late round pick as a tight end to with potential top 15 upside. Does it matter if it's Andy Dalton or Justin Fields at quarterback there in Chicago? It doesn't because I still feel like at the end of the day, he'll be at worst, the third target in that passing game. They did sign Breshad Perriman, but, um, he got cut by the lines. What does that say about Todd Pyramid? So I think, um, it should see maybe not enough targets to be an elite tight end. I don't think he's going to get up to that level, but at least A matchup based starter and maybe somebody who sneaks into the top 12 time now for the busts, and I'm going to start off with Robert Onion now is value certainly is much better now that Aaron Rodgers is going to be under center for the Packers, and we know that right is not going to Jordan Love. Here's the issue I have with onion last year. 59 targets Okay. 52 catches 11 touchdowns like that's bananas efficient. That's crazy. It's not gonna happen again. So I feel like Tanyon. We'll probably see that touchdown total. Maybe. Decreased by five right. So if he has six or seven touchdowns, that's a really good season. For him. I liked onion is more of a low tight end one where last year I mean he was among the top tight ends in fantasy football and also Mentioned Hunter Henry Hunter Henry is a guy who we have always drafted as a top 10 option in the position at least since his rookie campaign and now well the injuries. He's not been durable during his career. John New Smith once again a lot of mouths to feed in New England. Henry stock has dropped to the point where John, who is now being drafted as a high, too, and Henry is being drafted as a low tour high three because of the risk. Can't help a team if they're not on the field. And that seems to be the case too often, and Hunter Henry s stability here. It's availability. That's right. We'll wrap things up. When we return. We're going to look ahead to opening night as we are days away. This is NFL fantasy forecast. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to a park Ranger. But the only quotes they'd probably give you would be about the beauty of a fallen leaf or ripples in a pond. Not the kind that could save you money on your.

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