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To the capital and protest peacefully and patriotically was impeached for that after leaving office and that worthless snake in the grass. Mitt romney voted for that voted to impeach a president for san go down the capital and protest peacefully and patriotically. I admit you snake. Would you say this. As a more of a high crime and misdemeanor ben that surrendering a country. Leaving thirteen service. People in harm's way to get blown up by a suicide bomber. That shoe knew was coming. That's one of the stories and trust me. It is hard to keep up. It is hard to keep up with the scandals. I'm here to help around us here to health. It is not easy. I know you you might be going to work. You might be working out. You might be taking a walk walking your dog. I'm gonna keep you abreast of the scandals. I think this was in the The watch no. This was in the washington post yesterday. A taliban offered the biden administration deal. They said we will stay out of trouble. You can have the airport and the city until you done evacuating. They wanted us out. They didn't care that we took americans they wanted us out the by administration said no. You can keep the city. We'll take the airport. That's it just the airport as we saw the chaos ensued and marines died and the and the world laughed at the way. We handled it well and it was so. The taliban approach the united states apparently because there was all this violence starting to happen in the streets of kabul. When it was clear the americans were going to pull out. And they're like you need to either secure that city or coming in to secure it because we can't have this happening and right in the vitamin station was like no. We'll take the airport. You'd take kabul see. There was eight another story that said the and they refer to this million austin last week. That in attack was coming an attack was imminent in next twenty four hours. A suicide bomber is going to strike. They knew it was coming and they left these marines. He's thirteen marines or twelve. Eleven marines. an army guy in a in a in a navy medic and by the way the fifteen or seventeen instill in the hospital over wounded. So that's about thirty service people. They left them completely. Vulnerable the reason and somebody who was saying he shouldn't put the grieving mother of dead marine on the air like it's two rods two. I'm like what that that woman doesn't deserve a right to speak. Of course you put her if again. If trump will president bush did she. There'd be you know leading the news every night on nbc but the mother we played yesterday the mother of riley mccollum twenty year old marine. Who was blown up by the suicide bomber. The the The young marine female latin latin neck hispanic marine from lawrence giovani. Rosario they were blown up. And millie an austin and blinking and biden new. It was coming. They knew it was coming. It came and by the way again. Hundred seventy afghans. This was a very effective suicide on. This did incredible damage to us to them to everybody. And they knew it was coming. And we're still there and they're hanging out at the gates of kabul in. They're talking to people and helping them doing their jobs when their bosses knew this was coming. That is that if that's not impeachable. I don't know what the hell is. Not just by. God knows blinking million austin a whole worthless. Bunch of these lying slugs bet that to me is one of the big developments. Here is the disgust the us public and by the way the enlisted men. The veterans have with their. I've never seen such disgusted disrespect disdain for the leaders of the military. I grew up. You just assumed the generals the head of the joint chiefs were bad asses. Go you know good. Experience soldiers marines. That were lived an exemplary life and had a great career. These guys are sleaze bags. Like million went to harvard. They still thinks like he's in the faculty lounge at wesleyan or something..

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