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Foreign Carmichael and talk city of 30. 30 degrees. So we have a poll question for you today. And this is about what the governor outlined this morning about the lockdown orders, which Pretty much statewide. He's divided the state into different regions, and what would happen is if a region reaches less than 15% of the ICU bed capacity. So in other words, if it's you know, 85% full, the regional lockdown orders go into effect. And now first The governor said this morning, and Dr Galley said this morning 48 hours, which would give businesses two days to get their affairs in order and shut down and hard to comply. Well, now I'm looking at the order. And it says the terms of this order shall take effect. 24 hours after that assessment. Today could make a big difference for business, so I would like to know which it is. The order is written, it says 24 hours, the governor and Dr Galley said today. 48 hours. So I think on behalf of businesses we I think we'd like to know which it is. We are getting some new calls in on our parenti 50. This I think again is about the sleep train. Let's see regarding Arco Arena. I work for one of the local health system that I want to say which one and we have provided staff to Arco Arena in the past when it was open for Cove in patients. We do not have any staff there now, so I do not believe.

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