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So the Lincoln Riley Baker may feel pairing was wonderful for the Sooners, but it did not necessarily separate them from Texas team with some definite issues. I also don't like the fact that Texas will let themselves be themselves with penalties. They are one hundred in the nation penalties per game right now, which is not a great number against the team. Happy to take advantage of that. All that said, a good defense against a good offense in a rivalry spot. Maybe Texas was looking ahead last week, this game. This matchup always feels like a one game season tie. What do you do when we have a rivalry game? I think the only appropriate thing is to throw out the records gotta throw them out. Me those points tie gave me those sweet sweet Longhorn points. It's what it's about eight right now. Yeah, looking, I see seven and a half. I see. Eight. Yeah, you're going to gobble up the seven and a half points. I'm going to gobble them up. I'm gonna take them. I think it's a, it's a back and forth type game, and I'm just I'm going to take a semi linger. And Tom, Herman have been good, big game pair together. They make those big plays work three times. Again, maybe I think Jordan Humphrey in all American all at least all big, twelve caliber, offensive weapon. I think they get it done enough to keep it close or sneak it out. I'm going to say Oklahoma wins this game, thirty four, twenty seven right around the number, but I am also going to gobble up those points because more than a touchdown in a rivalry game like this, it is literally called the shootout Dan, you know, my rules on shootouts more than a touchdown. You take the points, take them, take them, take them. So give me the horns here plus whatever against Oklahoma week. First game back, moving on three thirty CBS LSU on the road at Florida. The Tigers are a two and a half point favorite. I gotta be honest. The line caught me a little bit off guard. Yeah, up to three in some places. But yeah, the line caught me off guard because I sort of wrote Florida off after they lost to Kentucky thinking that Kentucky was the Kentucky old. They were garbage. It turns out, Kentucky is ranked thirteenth in the nation right now. So that's on me. That's on you. And then Florida. Look, they took down Mississippi State last week. Maybe Florida isn't bad after all it looks like they're getting decent quarterback play from fleet pay Franks, who's got a twelve touchdown to three interception ratio through five weeks. That's pretty good, and hey, LSU look, they beat Miami on a neutral site. They beat Auburn on the road in the first month of the season. I'm not totally sold on. Oh borough, but that's a pretty good resume through five weeks month of the season and the stats sort of prove all that out that there's reason be wary about Joe borough. But what the stats don't show you is that he's been very clutch. She's made plays one LSU his needed them. He hasn't thrown any interceptions this year. So I think we've got a situation really on both sides of this thing both for Florida and LSU where you look at some of the body of work, and maybe it's not indicative of how just clutch they have been in their own. Right. So two and a half to me feels right. The game is at Florida. Dan, do you have a lean here? I do have a lane and it was tough because LSU has won what four of the past five, which trends don't always mean all that much there in Gainesville once again because of the weird hurricane scheduling there were there last season and yes, I think it would have been. It was premature. To to look at Florida after that Kentucky loss and say, oh, they're not a bowl team or older seven and five team. There's talent not on the level that there has been recently on defense, and there's going to be that perennial question about flea bay francs, whether or not he's good enough to take this Florida team in at least flirt with double digits, which eventually Florida's should do with Dan Mullen..

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