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Rick Fox joining us you got three championship rings, right. Rick. I do too in two thousand and two thousand two Wendy wear them. I used to wear them at this time of year, if I attended the NBA finals for the TV when, when I worked with within the TV where the McKay, generally if I go to vet where speaking, because I know individuals a one c it stories stories are great, but they wanna touch feel the actual hardware. If I said, you could only get one ring out of the house. Yes, which ring in two thousand one because the two thousand one run was the fifteen in one stretch where we blew through the first three rounds of the playoffs, and we were as insane as I think I've ever been with teammates coaching staff on the floor, and we almost were perfect in the NBA run up to that championship that year. But it was there was a level of confidence that we stepped on the floor with which was intoxicating and, and something. I never felt again. What about that one loss? Yeah. That was the a six law us were alanon this bananas. We lay off we were slightly, maybe a sluggish Cogan had his best game shack didn't have his best game. And yet, we still went into overtime. That's the game. You see a lot of highlights Iverson, stepping over to Ron Lou, but it was the one that got and they deserved it that night and to this day, I think we could've made on down the greatest team ever forgot undefeated. Gimme a Kobe story. I haven't heard before. Will you probably heard a ton of them ever told you the one? After the preseason game where he stepped onto the bus, and I think he'd scored twenty eight points in the fourth quarter. He had he didn't. He didn't play in the first half was dealt del. Harris didn't play in the first half of the preseason game at twenty eight points in the fourth quarter but he stepped on the bus. And he said to me said, we're gonna get could score seventy three points tonight. Seventy three points to do that. And sure enough, you know, a eight years later, I'm sitting courtside of a Laker game. I'm retired and it's a year out and they're going to army at the game. He scored sixty points and three quarters and that growth or so you'll for eighty one in a game. Oh, that's how you were going to. If somebody's going to score one hundred a game again..

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