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Hey, what's going on? George Wallace? Well, Hillary, Maryland men's basketball game against Nebraska on Saturdays been postponed positive issue test issues with the Nebraska program. So Maryland now next game will be January. 19th will have had about 10 days off since their win over Illinois last Sunday. Upper Level Wizards Missing ours canceling practice Today two players testing positive Not Excuse me, not testing positive place in the Koven protocol. So now Scott Brooks and the Wizards dealing with they were just gonna follow what the MBA. I mean, they're the experts and they have all the medical and they have all the science. They have everything all the data. We only know what with our team. I'm for whatever the MBA wants us to do. I mean, we have to just always focus on the safety of our players and Staff and family, and that's more important than to me them playing the game. If we have to cancel game or are pause, I'm I'm for whatever we have to do in Florida are players feel the same way NBA today implementing new protocols as far as on the road players no longer interact with non team guests at road hotels and also not supposed to leave the hotel at home players, teams that must remain at the residents except to 10 practice. Seem related activities and perform essential activities. The Celtics game again canceled tomorrow third game this week canceled for Boston as the MBA trying to get ahead of crack down on these latest issues. George Wallace, Toby Toby Sports All Right, George. Thanks. Stay with us here on double D T. O P. Trump Appoint East says the scene of the capital last week was Mostly peaceful and that the riot involved only a few violent people will tell you more about that. Coming up for 47, Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's I T modernization opportunities. Dan Curry honest, the director of public sector, at RS say. Archer says agencies need to add more rigor to dealing with supply chain risks. Pandemic has really opened. People's eyes do how organizations can operate in a more flexible virtual environment, but also understanding the risks around. Match and therefore needing to put new security controls processes privacy standards in place to make sure that they're doing that in a proper fashion. Once we get through all this, it's probably modifying the way agencies think about how they're going to do business in the future, though probably precincts and have more flexibility around contractors and employees working remote and that, in turn, will also cause agencies to have to beef up the way they dress security. Let r s a caress often they're recent. We're partners Help you Imagine what your agencies capable of learn more at cara soft dot com slash innovation. Living under the cloud of treatment resistant depression.

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