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Was from Bernie Sanders appearance on MSNBC on June twenty third twenty seventeen on June fourteenth 2017 a gunman who had driven all the way from Illinois to Virginia opened fire on Republicans at a baseball field screaming this is for healthcare that previously unreported detail. Casts. A whole new light on what exactly motivated him? You had his hero. Bernie Sanders a guy who's campaign he volunteered for saying over and over and over again that millions of people would die. If Republicans were successful in repealing health care. This is a direct tie between rhetoric and violent action. So if we're going to sit here and blame Donald Trump and only Donald Trump for the culture of political rhetoric that is so unhinged. That is so vitriolic that is so over the top. How dare you be that dishonest that you pretend that a year ago a killer who is clearly inspired clearly inspired by unhinged rhetoric on the left. Drove all the way across the country with the express intent to murder, and if you're talking about violent rhetoric that would dare to inspire a male bomber sending targets sending bombs to targets that sounded like they were coming from Donald Trump's Twitter account. These are all Donald Trump's enemies, and you don't mention in the same breath that three weeks ago there were rice in packages mailed to Donald Trump junior the White House and other Republican targets. How dare you lecture the rest of the country, and how dare you pretend that this vitriolic apocalyptic rhetoric is only coming from one side of the political aisle. I have heard for years well before Donald Trump was even a thought to enter politics. Bush is Hitler Bush lied people died assassination fantasies about George W Bush death of a president of Phil made about the assassination of. George W Bush a book written about it. And just Tuesday the day that all of the packages started arriving the New York Times writing an essay or publishing an essay from a novelist named Zoe sharp. Fantasizing about how a secret service agent would help Russian secret agent assassinate Donald Trump. Rhetoric is powerful. But to pretend that only one side's rhetoric contributes to the climate that we have in politics today is not only dishonest. It's harmful to getting past that rhetoric. Because let's be honest with you here. What is the political climate in America today alternately stemming from anything Trump did anything Trump said, no? The fact that Donald Trump won an election that the political left still cannot accept that it lost fair and square. We have had a two year nervous breakdown in this country from the Democratic Party, urging people millions of people that the results of this election were not legitimate that Donald Trump is a secret agent of the Russian government that Donald Trump is committing treason that Donald Trump is the worst thing since Hitler before Trump was even elected Washington Post rights in article don't compare Donald Trump to Hitler. Donald Trump is far worse now is that contributing to a healthy rhetoric, or is that contributing to this notion that Donald Trump is so evil that Republicans are so evil because they want to take away your healthcare that it is acceptable to do anything in your power to stop them from doing that that guy on the baseball field. Sure did the guy who sent rice into Republicans. Sure tried. But yet it's only when someone who's violence can be pinned on the political. Right. That we pretend that violent rhetoric is a problem. And by the way, while we're talking about antisemitic rhetoric. Why is nobody immediately talking about the most prominent anti Semite in this country. German jews?.

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