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Topics president trump is tweeting at north Carolina's governor saying Democrat Roy Cooper made a bad decision when he vetoed legislation that would have made sheriff's cooperate with federal immigration officers in Hong Kong more protests this weekend broken up by police with tear gas it's dark in Asia now but more protests are expected in the morning I'm Jan Johnson and I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters G. seven leaders including president Donald Trump have been arriving in Biarritz France today for two days of talks and protesters have been trying to get as close as possible as well over and they are about five miles from the arts and there was a brief moment when things turned a nasty for those gathered to protest the economic and climate policies of some of the world's richest and most powerful nations French police deployed water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd more and more damage done to the global economy is being laid at the feet of the U. S. and president Donald Trump Bloomberg economy reporter Michael McKee was in Jackson Hole Wyoming for the gathering of fed officials this week he says after trump compared federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell to Chinese president xi gin paying asking who was the bigger enemy of the US some participants in Jackson Hole could not stay silent former fed vice chairman Stanley Fischer said the world cannot ignore the fact that a global economic slowdown is the fault of the president of the United States he says more than one person is spoke to at the symposium said the slowdown might give the president what he wants lower interest rates but at the cost of a US recession Walmart isn't the only corporation that has seen its Tesla solar panels catch fire yesterday Amazon dot com said a June twenty eighteen blaze on the roof of one of its warehouses in Redlands California involved a solar panel system that Tesla's solar city division had installed news of the Amazon fire comes just three days after Walmart dropped a bombshell lawsuit against Tesla accusing it of shoddy panel installations that led to fires at more than a half dozen stores global news twenty four hours a day on air added tictoc on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Susanna Palmer this is Bloomberg.

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