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Congress, Donald Trump, Leon County discussed on Buck Sexton


In Charleston just days before the democratic primary in South Carolina and they're likely to have the knives out for the new front runner Fonsi's colonel Scott has this slightly so not only is Bernie Sanders sat at the center podium he will have the bulls eye on his back as the current delegate leader this debate will set the stage for Saturday's primary and is the last before super Tuesday further fleshing out which Democrats have staying power in this twenty twenty race Joe Biden considered the favorite to win in South Carolina but he's being pushed for key African American support by billionaire Tom Styrke people to judge Amy clover Charlie's with Warren and Michael Bloomberg also on stage tonight going out to people in Florida looking half Sanders removed from that state's primary ballot the lost in Leon county claim Sanders as a political interloper and not a bona fide Democrat they say that he should run as an independent the executive director of the Florida Democratic Party called the lawsuit ridiculous the Florida Democratic Party the national Democratic Party and Florida secretary of state Lawrence Lee were also named as defendants the trump administration asking Congress for two point five billion dollars to help battle the corona virus has federal health officials say we should be prepared for an outbreak here in the US this is a brand new virus we're not really confident about how it's gonna go what it's gonna do how much involvement globally is going to be and that's the reason why we're keeping an eye on it we're preparing as best as we can and we're taking it very seriously Dr Anthony Fauci with the into the the national institutes of health Italy reporting a forty five percent increase in people infected in just one day an Italian government says eleven people have died America is listening to fox news but finding great candidates to hire can be like well trying to find a needle in.

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