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At the officers and one officer returned fire at that point, family says the stand up ensued but later ended when the suspect holding the child revealed himself to police, which one took the deadly shot ending the hostage situation. Both hostages were rescued. John Cooley news radio K O B. J. Austen, please believe two men, who are now in custody may be tied to a string of crimes stretching from Austin down the New Braunfels. And well where to and Jonathan Zavala were arrested this week and charged with killing two people late last year. But please think they're also behind at least 11 other cases dating back to September, including aggravated assaults and car theft. Williamson County State Senator Charles Short nurse filed a bill that would force cities and counties to work together when it comes to big issues, such as addressing homelessness. This comes as county leaders of blasting the city of Boston for an alleged lack of communication. When the city decided to purchase the Candlewood Suites Hotel for homeless housing. We need to find a better way forward to address the homeless situation in central Texas. What has been enacted by the city of Austin through their city Council is not right. There's a lot of tough talk coming out of Williams, a candy aimed at Austin, right now, County Judge Bilge Ravel still very upset with the city for refusing to communicate about that candle would purchase you have stepped over the line without coming to the table and having a conversation. I'm willing to have that conversation. But if you are not way will take you to a conversation in the local courthouse and you will not be pleased with the outcome. Rebels has only one member of the Austin Council has been willing to have any communication despite the fact that he's the chief executive officer Williams in county Hey, school district says Doster Middle School is going 100% virtual for the next 14 days due to the discovery of the UK variant of covert 19 and a student due to the increased infectivity of that variant, the district hopes to mitigate any spread by keeping people away for two weeks. This morning. There are 13 fewer people hospitalized for Corona virus as the overall total is nearing the three hundreds once again. Austin Public Health says there are 411 hospitalizations today out of the 3695 active cases. That number of active cases is 151 less than a day ago. 68,576 people have recovered from the 72,972 confirmed cases. Austin Mayor Steve Adler is hopeful the $1.9 trillion Biden relief proposal wins approval soon, Mother says if nothing changes as proposed $500 million minimum would be guaranteed for states with county's getting funding based on population. This stays the way they looked. When it came out of the mark up, it would look like Boston. We get about $181 billion And Travis County would get $249 billion, says that would be Maura than the city and county got in the first round of Cares Act funding a long time Austin business that closed its doors last year will be reopening cap city comedy clubs as it'll begin booking local and national acts again this fall at a new location in the domain for 35 years, Cap City Comedy Club was an operation You're one of the three and Lamar and Austin based dating at Bumble Going public today with what's expected to be a $2.2 billion AIPO Bumble plan to sell 50 million shares at 43 Bucks apiece. Securities filing says the move could put bubbles value valuation as high as $9 billion.32 degrees in Flipper ville right now, and I'm Patrick Osborne, Get Austin News on demand at.

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