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There are now updated ballot results for Maricopa County in the past 24 hours a little over 76,000 ballots have been counted estimates almost 44,000 of those votes went to President Trump. However, Biden continues to hold a leadoff roughly 80,000 votes in Maricopa County in Arizona Senate race Democratic challenger Mark Kelly is up 7% over Republican incumbent Martha McSally. The county says they're still roughly 354,000 ballots to be tabulated, but Say there will be another update tonight at 11. PM Gabriel Dominion TR News Pro trumps the borders are rallying at the Arizona capital. They're chanting Shame on Fox in response to Fox News, calling Arizona for Joe Biden and a few dozen or outside the Maricopa Recorder's office, demanding to be let inside Tio watch the counting of ballots. If he used a Sharpie to cast your ballot in Maricopa County, your vote will be counted. That's despite claims on Social media. Erica Flores, with the Maricopa County Elections Department tells Katie are that sharpies air actually ideal for casting. Valentine tipped sharpies. And so those ones have been tested and they drive fast enough to then get through our tabulation equipment. So don't worry just because he used a Sharpie. It doesn't mean your vote will be invalidated. Ballots is here also had offset circles. So even if there was a bleed through from a Sharpie, your vote shouldn't have been affected. Sharpie Gate has spawned a lawsuit filed against Maricopa County. The Public Interest Legal Foundation has filed suit on behalf of voter who claims her Sharpie marked ballot wasn't accepted. The lawsuit against the Maricopa County Recorder in the Board of Supervisors asks that all ballots left UN cured or deny due to the required use of sharpies be identified and corrected. And now for a check on traffickers. Josh K..

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