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In a coma, I solar in school in primary sculpting silent night at a Carol evening. I can hear it now there's a video posted on Instagram of niece ING sense night and you can hear there's already containing happening here. I decided one of seven years old during that. So no, I made decision day to get my life forevermore. I knew that how is going to happen. I didn't know what kinda music is going to be a stilted in. No. But I knew that I wasn't dude for the rest of my life. I didn't actually really want to be an opera tenor interested in technique in interested in heart sounded photos beautiful. I wanted to sing Marvin Gaye songs. Electrical gave was how charging voice was. How high could be how the light, it could be. And then you spend time just in the car listening to Marvin Gaye records trying to. Piece together. I guess how he sang. There was only later that I actually wanted to be solid idea of being a songwriter. So foreign sim so impossible seem. So I am ratchet loose to be able to write a song. Casino. I change my life, and he showed me less, you can be out from the get-go. To make a big deal about your sexuality, and I found that really powerful and he was successful. It made music that I had never heard before my entire life up until that point where people only made village people music. Come out to my friends, and my cousins at seventeen no big deal, and then outta by next gopher. When I was nineteen big deal. It was so ugly at home when I came out that, but that three out and then going back into the closet, because mom took me to a prophet. Christian prophet, this just completely derailed me and I jump right back into the club. Fighting it now, and then go into much more conservative church after that, and being sort of a project for them and shame testimony, sometimes preaching about the fact that I had defeated homosexuality. The next full, five years, spent basically scrubbing. Everything all the politics that I'd learned up to the point. I remember being at dinner because I go to twice in Sunday, two to three bible studies a week and I remember one study evening having dinner with the. With the pasta and his family and his wife, saying, she doesn't care what I say the fact remains the black people was sinful, and they ways before why people came to Kalis them and that they were judgment upon them. Suss it. So you saying that all things have happened deserved. She said, yeah. And there's nothing are so. Flunks and so. Also in it. Shocked, but also weird still come syndrome because not only take care of this bridge to him of me financially, some time, you know, and you so you believe in this completely. 'cause if inflec- that's gonna go to heaven. Became homeless around two in five friends cultures. And for the first time in my life, those no under Miami to read my bible to take to bible study. And these are friends that I was told to give up because they were leaving me down the wrong path, but. And these are the ones that were there for me. When I had no place to move. Suddenly, the church. Disappear. And so took it upon myself to really Asmus, awesome questions, am I prepared? To deny myself for the rest of my life. And it was clear. To me that I was tired. I was Zo sted of hating myself. I was exhausted of being an example, being minstrel from and so. Fuck it. And the left. Okay..

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