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Link in our description. Now let's get back to this fascinating talk with my friend samantha singletary. So if i was to come to you what would you say. If i come the at x. y. and z. You'd say oh they're getting. These are the things that show me that they are taking their planning financial stuff seriously as a business or as a creative one of the things is books having booked as an entrepreneur and business owner having books That is the biggest problem. I see is that they come into me with a shoebox or they come into me with numbers they wrote on a piece of paper and they think that's enough war on and or for the irs. Yet i love it. You bring me the bright because it keeps me employee and get together of that. But i don't like for you because you don't know what you may. You don't know what he's saying you know you don't think your profit young on your net profit so one of the first thing that always knew and have crimes committed the worst net profit and i usually here so i don't know i don't know and i go now but that all interest late fees and all that stuff we need to go back and look at your taxes One of the the second thing in look at your taxes with the reading done when you go to attack professional or you have an account it don't just say none in behind me pick them up and look at them make sure you're getting all the necessary deductions credits and expenses are in home credit. And all of that. Make sure all that in and you're getting all of that because when you you don't and you look at the news right. He's a look at donald trump high because his pack for professional way wrote off his war or in that which attack the vessel is that you may find out. You'll only had these little bit of expensive and we're moving so that's my second thing my third thing that i really When they come in to me is som- like that they don't have any knowledge. I look for. You have not because i get to spend time you educating you come to me with i know everything then. I'm just gonna do like a regular counting process you'll put you out the door which means you're probably bowling to lose some information. I may have because. I like to research where a lot of of my counterpart y'all they tell me all the time you're the only one is the bit both of the tax code in. Ram boo and look at president and cases. And all this stuff out and you can write off jiwei go. Yeah girl good. Yeah look i love the fact that you just said these therapy sessions for me. I tell all my business and only a couple of hundred thousand people may hear this one day But i had that same situation where i took a someone said oh. This is a real estate guy. Makes a lot of money and this is accounted over. He makes a lot of money..

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