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Not everything. That the president says is right or perfect or or worthwhile or something. We should follow. We can't even agree on the very concept of border security because we can't get people to agree that there's an actual border. That is worthy of conversation. And we are going to get into that on Tony cats today at eleven o'clock and an update to the Taco Bell story a story that is gonna get drowned out. No one's going to report. The Taco Bell story was about this employee who wouldn't serve someone who is deaf in the drive through right says if you're hearing impaired or you have other disabilities come to the window, and we'll take your order. Well, this guy at the talk about work the Taco Bell. Couldn't understand them. Didn't know what he wanted. And didn't serve them. He is now coming out and saying this video doesn't show the whole story. I wanted to help them. I couldn't understand them. I couldn't risk getting it wrong. I have had people like threaten me at the window. We had someone pull a gun over on us over Nacho cheese. He goes, so I'm not taking any chances. And if you see the whole video I tried to talk to them, I'm not able to understand them. And that's why I didn't serve them. I couldn't risk it to my own life. It's a really really interesting story because the it's more than just oh, sure. That's what they all say. No, no. That's not what anybody says we're going to dig into that. Antoni cat today at eleven o'clock, be tuned in map bear with traffic. What's going on that? Oh trouble downtown, especially if you're going from downtown to the airport, we have a crash.

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