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This episode of five things sponsored by madison reed put the time and expense of a salon behind you with madison reed. It's salon quality hair color delivered right to your door. Five things listeners get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color kit with code. Five things at madison dash reed dot com good morning. I'm taylor wilson and this is five things. You need to know the weekend of july twenty seven twenty nineteen gene to get you started the cycling odyssey that is the tour de france comes to a close on sunday selena wayne delaware the sports director for the kofi team talking to his riders before a stage but it may not be a frenchman who takes over the yellow jersey twenty two year old colombian egon bernal takes the lead get into the weekend and would become the first south american ever to win the tour and it's century plus long history. There's still a lot of racing to do. Of course a final alpine mountain stage on saturday saturday will determine the races overall winner then on sunday the so-called peleton or main group of riders will ride leisurely into paris women's basketball's biggest stars will be on display okay on saturday night in las vegas for the w._n._b._a. All star game elena delle don in asia wilson or team captains delon selected brittney griner is her first pick while wilson jason chose chelsea gray and with the game being played in the infamous party city della. Don told the associated press that her plan is simple. She said quote who's not going to be. The hardest is who's going to win this game. If you have parties on your side you're done unquote next up. Shark week is back. Discovery channels annual celebration of the ocean predators will begin on sunday watching a week of shirk related adventures and the theme weeks first original movie will air on sunday capsized blood in the water is based on a true story of a yacht capsizes in a florida storm as its crews chased by sharks and that doesn't rock your boat comedian rob riggle convinced celebrity friends to join him in a human bait box while sharks swim around them shark week runs through sunday august fourth summer nights might be shorter but they're a great time to check out meteo showers. I and the delta awkward shower will peak on sunday night trying to get away from city lights and look up between midnight and just before dawn when the southern sky we'll have the best viewing they may be able to see up to twenty meteors per hour but the event is just a warm up for the percy aids with some fifty meters our those are coming in mid august and last more sports this weekend as the yankees red sox rivalry heats up. The yankees lead their fiercest rival in the a._l. By eleven games coming into this four game series on thursday but back act back wins by the red sox cut that lead to nine and the defending world series champion socks now just a half game out of the wild card. The series also comes ahead of the m._l._b. Trade deadline line on wednesday with both teams potentially in the

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