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Response to that so knowing how to get the best out of your guys is always going to be at a premium and that seems to be the difficulty on the other side now for the warriors is i steve kerr how do you always prod this group in the right direction a group with unworldly other worldly talent but you seems to sort of meander around at certain times lose interest especially when they go through these monster spurts of offense of output i called them the perfect millennial team the other day well there is a downside event i think mike wilpon yesterday co host pti kind of hit on the other side of that sword i mean you know they remind me of the the genius student that just sorta goofs around you know when things are going well i've done well to semester let me just skip a couple of days a class that's that's what the is are steve kerr after twelve oh lead he must feel the same way he called timeout when it was twelve to i mean steph curry overthrows about jay green wasn't looking and steph just throws casually and hard and goes i think it was hard to get the lay of twelve to and and see cra call timeout and he said afterward that he was disappointed because he knew the lead should have been stretched and it wasn't same thing later in the second half twelve point lead and they just i always say seems like they hear the sweet georgia brown music in their ears and they just lose focus they just you know this is not there for a while and this team will make them pay espn radio is presented by progressive home insurance getting quotas easier than ever for steve kerr this has got to be frustrating because we've seen him try different methods all throughout the season we remember that having his players coach in the huddle during the fourth quarter experiment from the season that got so much attention and got so much criticism if because he's trying to find ways to reach guys because that realization comes that at some point this is their team in that it's on steph and clay and dream on k d to go out there and not only maintain focus but remind each other that the.

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