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Season and Medicare is a Christian Healthcare Sherry Ministry that saves most families about $500 a month. Google Meadow share and see if it's a fit for you. The hottest topics and every day the shutdown of churches talk radio 60 wcbm. 52 right now, Radio 6 80 show. My observation is I think that Donald Trump has done In these situations and to a degree in his cabinet as well, eyes what Abraham Lincoln did, and that is to gather his enemies together or those with opposing points of view together. S so that he could draw the best out of each of them. So I have no problem with his relationship with the doctor on DH. I have no problem with how she's spouting off. I think that it's informative. I actually find it kind of refreshing to not have simply everybody as a rubber stamp for the guy on top of that, But do you think it's refreshing and informative when the guy's been wrong so many times and And the reason why he gets so much positive coverage is because he contradicts or confronts Donald Trump so frequently on DH. So I agree with you. You don't want a bunch of yes, Men. Sitting in a roundtable discussion because that is going to end badly. You should have divergent opinions. But this guy has become a star. And I just think that I understand there's a problem on And as I've said repeatedly, I'm not fault you fan and everybody listens to this show knows that. I just think he's been around too long. He's he is a career bureaucrat. Now on his part of the Deep state, he's part of the swamp right round, by the way, the book Team of rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin, which is the political genius of Abraham Lincoln and how he constructed his Cabinet. It's good, good reading folks like 7 53 right now. Traffic.

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