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To It's been in her. Life honestly haven't changed a whole lot other than she really was my shadow the entire time. Yeah but other than. That too, but has it. has this affected you more in the sense of like yourself like? Madam near felt this amount of stress before finally I feel like I'm able to do exactly what I want or or is it more like? I don't feel anything just whatever now. It not. You know you can get yourself worked up and you can get stressed out or you can get excited and yes all those emissions are good things. But maintaining control of them in kind of taking it at a task. Kinda helps for me because you don't over think it. Because once you start thinking things you kind of lose sight of really what's important. Like. I said look at paint colors all day long. But I went to. Sherwin Williams at lunch day picked out three colors. I, decided from them I said. All right. This is what we're GONNA do. And I had my friend look at it and he's like. Okay. And aside it looks I've had compliments on my pink colors pretty much. Every person that's walked in and. I didn't think about it too much. So I was like, yeah, I like color color going to work with make it work. So. It's exactly what I want. But. I cannot though manage if it wasn't. Yeah. I like that. Because sometimes I feel like. We get the people who are like Oh my God. This has to be my dream I'm going to be here for the rest of my life right and so everything has to be exactly the way it is. At the GECKO. But at the same time, it's like Ten years ago I mean. I I wore a pink shirt I don't know. What I mean like these change, I may not like it anymore so. That's why I like your viewpoint. You know what I mean where it's like hey, right now it's I. Don't hate it I don't really love it. It could change a my love. Later on. So I bought. Like for example, I had bought lake the chairs and the couch, the waiting room and I left one day and the brand new girls for like. better like this than we should do this method. Alright not fine. To me as long as happy, that's that's. Honestly, more important things that are going to change and if I had the same couch near thirty years from now, that's going to be a problem. Throw couch doesn't have to be perfect and it can change as long as the staff is happy and that's what they want that. Works for me. Yeah that's awesome already, and thank you so much for being with us today. It was a pleasure but before we say goodbye, can you tell our listeners where they can find you? We are at one two three South Randolph Street in Lexington Virginia. Awesome. Awesome. Do you have social media and what? We do is letting pin V eight mile. Dot Com. Awesome. So that's going to be in the shots below everybody if you want to check it out, reach out to Aaron or. How she's doing and everything like that feel free to gunshots belonged, check it out. But Aaron, thank you so much for being with us. It was a pleasure and we'll hear from you soon ain't you..

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