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Last two years and long story kept on these not the same Henry Aaron but he took our young players prayers like Robin Yount whom you remember and on the way the hall of fame and what he did with them he really matured them taught them not only about baseball part about life I mean he he was great and he urged to later. We started winning ninety six games. He so there's I saw Henry data on Wednesday. I went to round and I wouldn't go to vomit out not seeing him. I'll see him in cooperstown next. We all I can tell you about him. Baseball's lucky great icon and obviously I'm impartial and everybody has an opinion. I think he was the best player of our generation. I said I'm partial. I understand there was some you know talking about Willie mays and who's phenomenal but if you watched hank play every day it was amazing but over and above that he's a human being as you have ever met quiet and thoughtful <hes> you at one point in the book writing about your growing up said that your father <hes> and you relate this the baseball but I thought it was interesting. You said Your father saying that was something along these lines he said son like nothing is good or bad except by comparison yeah. It's a line at every owner in baseball uses today that's right that was his famous line and they use it because of you. No doubt <hes> what what did he mean by that well some one thing and it it's it's true in life and was true in baseball as is David. We were trying to change things that you may say well okay. Okay that's all right but it should be this and that well except if you compare it to everything else is pretty good and you ought to be grateful for that and that's the way you make progress by. Maybe a little bit here and a little bit there but over and above everything else you have to understand that it's progress and if you compare it to everything else it's it's probably more progress than you knew that existed. We'll take a call now from a fan from Omaha Nebraska this Guy John Thank you for calling in. What's your question yeah? <hes> I'm looking at an article published. This year about attendance is down overall for the fourth straight year and I'm wondering are there any studies <hes> as to why this is happening inning and has the M._l._b.. As an organization done anything or proposed anything in the past to help each club promote their own individual attendants.

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