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There's really some conversations early in the year, but those guys getting fired and that's the reality of it. Mr. Whiskey didn't work out. And so any dog makes sense to start the season. He's not the long term solution. But what if we're two games into the thing and 2021 the Bears or bears in it up on B. Dalton looks terrible argues, gonna throw Justin fields out there before he's ready, and we three And sort of have a repeat of the Mr Biscuit situation. I'm not saying just because Mr Basically, I think he has a chance to really, really good. I just hope that he's not rushing to the field. As a means of two guys trying to save their jobs. I don't know if that's gonna happen, but they're in a bad situation and that they have to win. Now. Does Justin feels buy them a little more time? Maybe it's not gonna buy them an extra year. I feel like living with us for weeks. Was que separates you back to my original point. They're gonna try to get him out there sooner rather than later. What is not necessarily in the best interest of the order vision. Lot of people said that the Raiders as you alluded to it, Alex Leatherwood at number 17 where the big losers last night a confusing decision. Did you also think that confusing is the issue? That's wait. Oh, put it And on some level this feels like the Cleveland burial pick a few years ago, when Mike may have just got there's a GM and, of course, John Cruden coach because he felt over drafted and to this point clearly failed first round talent who was over drafted inside the top five. Alex Leatherwood. I had a day to grade on him, and I talked to folks around the league that agreed with that. But look, we say this all the time about quarterbacks. It only takes one teeth. They need help with the offensive line because much crazy things that Jon Gruden did. Over the course of the off season that said, they've literally could've picked anyone on defense and made that defense better. And here's how I come out of the first round. You look at the piggy say OK, this team better now than they were. Before Thursday and the Raiders or not, they they're not. They drafted Alex Lowe. What you could help. But there it's not a substantial upgrade, which is what you need in these first round picks. So puzzling is is where I would put this. Would say puzzling would describe both the Steelers and the Jaguars decisions to take running backs in the first round as well. Both nausea Harris and Travis Ctn might end up being very good backs. The Steelers had a lot of needs, especially the offensive line and the Jaguars. The worst team in football out of those two did either nausea or ET en makes sense in your mind. Yeah. So not the nausea, hair smooth by God, and they stay didn't signal but it had been pretty clear for a while that they were They like nausea, And that could be a possibility there. 24. There were some conversation Maybe the Jets had they been in 18 would have thought about that as well. Your idea that the opposite line is terrible. They need help with cornerbacks in helping edge rusher s O. They had playing these quarterback. We just talked about what if Mack Jones was there? I think that I think about that. But We're not your hair is drawing comparisons lovey, Um Belle and the Louisville. We always met these ConStor draft time. But if it's anything close to that, that will help and you can come back and a two and a three and you can find offensive line help, But you're not gonna find it, Not you, Harris. And that's probably thinking there. Jack Wars moves a little more. That concerning, But look, this is Urban Meyer's first year, you know, they kind of picks. You have to use every single one wisely after, By the way, having a ton of free agency kind of money created. See that you didn't go out there and crush it on. This team has to win, and I feel like six or seven wins is doable. Next year if you hit on everything, and and and by the way in the 17 game season, and then after that, you gotta start going to playoffs. So try. You know, we got trade Trevor Laurence done and done, But I think 18 feels like he was over, attracted by a seven or eight picks when they would've been back on the clock. And again operative lines, even tow line safety cornerback those their own just well, linebacker. So I thought slightly ever drafted love the player. Just question the pick. Would you think about the Panthers going with JC Horn? There was a lot of thought that they should go offensive line as well. Help out. Sam Donaldson help out Christian McCaffrey. Instead, they went with horn your thoughts on that decision. Yeah, No, I love love just you horn. In fact, I had him as the first defensive player of the board. And you know it happened right around the time that passes through town without the board the other corner back, which we thought was gonna happen with the team nearby, but the pandas don't have any depth. None at cornerback. So that made some sense. Um, and it feels sometimes attack now, so that's good for seeing dollar pick up a script year option. But you're right. Sam Donald came from an organization where he spent much of his time running for his life. So you have to sort that out in Carolina, which I think is a better situation for for Donald. But it's not substantially better, And that means Surround him with players that can protect him on offense. That would imagine we'll see that happened soon, starting in a few hours starting tonight. Which player are you most excited about optimistic about going into tonight? Oh, so tonight. So what's gonna happen tonight? So let's see what my list here mixed up missing one. So bookie bashing his head. Russia's I liked a lot of the weak force, and I mentioned the name and in terms of a new office. Chiron tell Maura could do only 57. But he's going to 14 9 at his pro day. 40 minutes Political and it was absolutely electric when he was on the field..

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