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You a chance to make decisions so you may be connect people to organizations were parts of groups. Are you. put them in charge of things that they are not yet ready to lead the decisions that you would make the way that you would wheel power the way your group will. Power is different than the decisions that the people you're installing would make and they're going to make mistakes which is why this is so difficult but borrowed power. As it extends out is people are able to learn different ways and start to practice and get good at knowing how to solve problems starts expanding and eventually borrowed power becomes earned power. People are no longer making the decision at the meeting. Because you're the one that gave them the authority. Make it or your support is what made it happened. But eventually they come into their own they know how to wield the axe and so people start trusting their decisions and as they do once they start getting earned. Power is where the really difficult thing happens. Because as a person develops earned power they build up relationships and networks that allow them to make choices and changes then all the sudden they start making changes in adding new groups and new ways of doing things that you would not make things that are very different than the decisions that you yourself would make or even think are important. Maybe it's like a technology like starting to use virtual reality or using different Internet ways of structuring. Your internet these are things that maybe on your face surface. You might say that policy over. That idea is terrible. We tried that before. But we don't want to but when you give someone power and they convert it from being borrowed to earned. They're going to start making decisions. That will change the shape of the organization and they may even stop doing things that you had been done. That had been done in your organization before this is a critical step..

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