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The Pirates 60 game schedule starts in ST Louis, July 24th ends in Cleveland, September 27th 6 of the 20 interleague games are against the Indians. The home opener is July 27th a night game against the Brewers. Joe Musgrove is bullish on the Buccos plays in our favor. I think a shortened season, you know. When you come into spring training, they're certain teams that have ah, significant advantage. You know, it puts a couple teams and disadvantages. And I think the teams are really stayed locked in mentally and were ableto get their work and physically throughout this downtime, we're gonna drive. Forbade on energy man Beginning today, the pirates will start doing more work under the lights. Thanks Continue to run relatively smoothly in the National Hockey League players and owners have approved to return to play plan still needs to be ratified by both sides. But If all continues to go well training camps will open next Monday. The post season will start August 1st Mike Sullivan and the Penguins ready to move forward All of us understand you know the risks associated with the return to play. We also trust that the league is doing everything within their power to control what they can T O mitigate those risks a stuff they can. This agreement also extends to see B a for four more years into 2026. The Chiefs have signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a contract extension 10 years and it could be worth just over $500 million congratulations to Ben Roethlisberger and his family is the family dog, Dakota. Gave birth to appropriately enough. Seven puppies at the Sports desk. I'm Jim Colony, NewsRadio, 10 20 Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Somewhere out there, There's a man on a park bench, eating his 5/100 PB and J. He has no idea. Papa John's has new pop ideas that are way better than a boring sandwich with Papa John's best meats, cheeses and veggies. Hand folded into a crispy flat bread crust. Someone better tell that man Get a new poverty in one of four flavors for just six bucks. Better ingredients. Better pizza better than a sandwich, proper jobs, not valid with this country's and taxes. Actual prices may vary. Kaiser is off the chain. Everything is in one place for you. Your X ray will be done there. The doctor will see you there. The labs are there for you. And then the nurses that work with you, Kaiser. Make you feel so at home. They're there to meet you. I would not be alive today. If I had not had. I feel really, really great knowing there's a place that I could go to make sure that I can maintain good health. Every medical case is unique to one step. Sister Russell. Maryland was early if I do now, no, never. We've stopped thinking outside the box. Instead, we're thinking inside the bucket to 99.

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