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Fourteen i'm jay phillips on komo news shannon o'donnell has the forecast everybody wednesday morning mid point of the work week and it's going to be a fine day we'll start with partly cloudy skies but we are going to see increasing clouds as the day goes on highs cooling off today sixties to about seventy so just a little bit cooler than it was those increasing clouds a center for some scattered showers to come on thursday a little bit more on friday and then as we head into the first few days of july which begins on sunday start to warm backup highs in the low seventies as we approached the fourth of july in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell right now fifty eight degrees in seattle stay connected stay informed komo news komo news time twelve oh five art sanders top local stories from the komo twenty four seven news center a fireball erupted on a barge that was more on the duwamish river one firefighter was hurt in the smoke could be seen all the way to tacoma komo's tammy mutasa has more huge plume of black smoke filled the seattle skied it could be seen for miles while firefighters battled the fire that engulfed a barge loaded with three stories of crushed cars on the duwamish river people say they heard explosions on the other side of i five and flames shooting up as a really loud gunshot lake and or it was like pounding underneath in the building below us it was just a loud sound there was kind of spooky when it first happened and everybody looked around like they were really scared officials say at least one firefighter was hurt during the firefight taken to the hospital by land and by water firefighters tackled the.

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