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Dona coming up. Do you have a car truck van or SUV? You're not using you can donate your unwanted vehicle to patriotic heart to help our veterans and you'll get a tax deduction for your donation in today's troubled world are USA armed forces. Stand ready to protect you your family and our American way of life when veterans return to civilian life. They deserve your recognition and support you can help put that's a work by donating your car truck van or SUV to patriotic cards. Your donation we'll directly support programs to help that's fine jobs or even start their own business. Donate today for fast, free pickup of your vehicle. Running or not operators are standing by to answer questions about making a tax deductible. Vehicle donation. Call eight hundred three three zero twenty four sixty two for twenty four hour response again, eight hundred three three zero two. Twenty four sixty two eight hundred three three zero twenty four sixty two. Does your water stain and damage your fixtures? Does it smell or taste bad? Are you worried about what's in your water? Water quality should not be painful and worrisome. Get Hydrocare water systems from Wave Home Solutions with the most advanced purification technologies. Call Wave Home Solutions today at one eight eight eight nine eight nine wave or go to waive water four one one dot com. Hydrocare will eliminate limescale that causes hundreds of dollars in damage to pipes and appliances without using salt. Well water will no longer smell or stain your fixtures. City water will be purified of harmful chlorine, lead, arsenic, and chemicals. Wave Home Solutions provides the cleanest, healthiest water at every faucet. Satisfaction guaranteed. For more information, call one eight eight eight nine eight nine wave one eight eight eight nine eight nine W A V E or go to waive water. Four one one dot com. That's wave water four one one dot.

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