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Like that fence there. Yeah. There. I am not. So sure I'm as worried about beta running for president after seeing the dichotomy between his his rally and the president's rally. There was quite the difference there as you mentioned. Yeah. That was just sad. I mean, it was the first time I think I've ever felt really sorry for him. I just thought that's really, and and and in the town that you you were at although I will say that his own party there in El Paso, when he was there at the time they were trying to to to boot him out of his position of authority because of he was apparently lining his pockets through eminent domain. So maybe that's why I don't know. Congressman Crenshaw pleasure to talk with you. So appreciative of everything that you do. And I really love how you also break everything down. And you tell people look this is what's going on. This is what they're doing. You do a year, and you do an amazing job at that. And and we love it keep it up and thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. Dan, really great to be with. Of course. Of course, take care congressman Dan Crenshaw from beautiful state of Texas Republic of Texas. So we'll see I like, he's a he he says, we gotta make sure the president's going to support it. I feel like Trump's gonna hold his carts Rachel till the very end. And then which is be smart. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, purple heart foundation. Great organization of veterans who volunteer to help other veterans. This isn't a government funded entity. It is simply just an organization that wants to make sure that when our men and women return home that not only do they have emotional and psychological support. But also that they have support going through all of the bureaucratic red tape that comes associated with getting your benefits through the VA. And it wasn't until I grew up became an adult, and my friends who served came back, and I would they would tell you about all of this stuff that they had to fill out. And it was insane. I just remember the. The unaffordable Healthcare Act. Remember, how big that Bill was I'm not really exaggerating in terms of comparing that to the paperwork, our vets have to go through and a lot of them. Just give up. This is where purple heart foundation steps in their national service officers. They call their volunteer vets who make up their staff, they work with our vets they work with these vets until they get the benefits that they are owed. All donations are tax deductible cash. The cash donations has the most immediate impact, and.

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