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And i by merely doing i think i wound up doing six or seven or even eight intermission reports that night showing the same highlights of everything over and over again do you have that you looked at it what is it four overtimes caps in the penguins right wow so ended in the fourth overtime so you could do the number of intermission reports that i did gourd the game winner oh my gosh but i just remember thinking i just said a television record most hockey intermission reports hosted were you solo did you have an animal solo you just doing highlights that's it and enough you know i think towards i got home at like two thirty in the morning and i'm like nhl tonight is next on like billy i'm out yeah hosts joe in london let's take a phone call before brian scott bernie calls in from england before we get brian scouring from new england what's up joe are you calling from london yes i am math this is quits you on on the app on the on the podcast but my wife is wife has government and i feel okay i get the two kids to get my go to bed i missed to bread so at some up but i just wanted to say is is and all the pictures fans dough this holidays in of what we have today for doing that with built cousin who blood cell you know it's like ninety six ten questions post i play.

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