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Case they fall in the ocean I see well anyway. Val cooper is calling forage. Because she and the government found out who attacked mystique back at v damn that x. factor was investigating in the x. Men prime one shot right after the age of apocalypse. She's not gonna tell you who it was. But she will tell him not to tell mystique which doesn't work out so well because the forge on this phone call like roughly everyone else in. The mid nineties is actually mistake. So i love this j when we were talking about the backstory earlier in the episode you alluded to mystique having a sort of shock collar thing. I think it might be a microchip. i'm not sure. But the point whenever she tries to shape shift into one of the x men characters from x. men experts or whatever if she tries to stay in that form for more than five seconds she gets zapped. She can't stay that way and that's to prevent her from doing her usual mystique thing and manipulating everybody into doing bad stuff. So it's actually super clever because she's taking valves call in a thunderstorm a lightning storm that valves chopper is in which means the video keeps freezing in and out and so every time the video for its is out she shift back into her mystique form for just a second to reset the five second timer and then back to forged by the time the video comes back which is a great concept and once again makes me really questioned the judgement of the people who designed this thing every control mechanic and every device meant to make a super villain play along with the good guys is bad. There's always some kind of exploitive loophole. And if this were real life that would bother me but this is a comic book and so i think it's great. We don't get to hang out too long. This lightning storm because every issue can be someone's i it is time for a danger room. Cold open well okay. A forest outside the base that x. Factor hangs out in cold open. The point is we have wild child and polaris tussling. We get to know them. They're doing their tracker versus powerhouse. Thing and polaris of course wins. Because she's just horrifyingly powerful in a very experienced superhero. Yeah that's a kind of cruel mismatch that's like we're gonna put this mouse up against the tank. Es it's kinda like i dunno jubilee versus dark phoenix or something i guess jubilee does have lots of untapped potential while child i I don't think he does. Ouch what he does have as this. Polaris is a new costume. That's right just like in our last x caliber episode. We're getting some nineteen ninety-six new outfits for most of the team Let's start with wild child. Let's talk about his outfit. They took away his trenchcoat and gave him an undercuts. Basically that i mean his costume is a little bit different now. Instead of being an orange bodysuit it's an orange and red bodysuit which is also sleeveless and Yeah yeah he got a really unflattering but also really mid-nineties haircut. I will say that jeff matsuda. Now that he's taken over the book does make wild child look more animalistic and for lack of a better word uglier like he looks a little bit less like a quote normal human and given how much the plot of the book has really really played up. What a big deal that is to him. It's nice to see it actually reflected in the art for exchange the absolutely. I like polarises outfit a lot. Not as much as i liked. The outfit is replacing the yellow top with an asymmetrical closure and black pants that she wore for far too briefly. But this one's pretty cool to how would you describe at j. She's such got a blue bodysuit with kind of loose light. Blue top and yellow armored gauntlets in a harness the x. logos on the back of the back of her hands but not quite full gloves. Her hair is is instead of chin. Length bob her hair reminds me a little of how it looked in the gifted. Actually really. it's much longer than the gifted. I guess that's true. Was it your shorter in the first season. Am i totally miss remembering while. Regardless i kind of like the outfit i liked it. It's got a little bit of that armored look to it which is very much mid-nineties thing it's got that structure to it but the fact that the top is a little bit loose and flowing i don't know i think it reflects lorna herself a little better. She's never been a super super controlled character. And maybe giving the design too much credit. But i kinda dig it even if i did the yellow top and black pants better. Chartres is going to get a simplified version of her previous. Look kind of in line with the team. Look spoiler shards coming back. She is val cooper who is also going to pretty much joined the team at this point. She's got this tight blue bodysuit with random yellow accents and asymmetrical straps honestly. It reminds me of nothing more than a less fiddly version of cyclops as nineties. Look yeah except with a perpetual headband. Instead of the visor which is a choice. I gotta say. I don't like action hero. Val i like her so much more. As a bureaucrat. I completely agree at is a weird turn for the character. I understand they had to find a way to get her back onto the book or they chose to find a way to get her back onto the book after x factor told her to fuck off when she kept one too many government secrets from them but the idea of her showing up with giant guns and pouches is a strange one. I mean her showing up with them. Isn't that strange. Her being allowed to stick around with them is there is that forged the actual leader of factor He's got the same outfit but he's got a crew cut now. He cut off his awesome ponytail. Really remember seeing him with the ponytail in this arc. Oh we'll maybe it's like an ultra extreme mullet where he just has the ponytail and the rest is shaved. I'm not really sure. But i liked it better before a crew mullet as it were Crew mullet the worst kind of mullet. Mystique is still wearing her basic traditional outfit. it's got a leotard rather than the these days but she shapeshifts circle. You know when your skin is that shade of blue. You'll learn that you look good in white. Why would you ever wear anything else. Val does make it to false edge x. Factors headquarters but by the time x-factor finds her. It's clear that something went poorly vallis tied up her gun. Domestic soldiers are unconscious possibly because they were still to aerodynamic and the fall knocked them out hard to say and the combat chopper. They were in. Yeah that's gone as is mystique. I wonder what could have knocked out all of those other people. So mystique is in fact off to. The belle fourche dam the place where she was attacked by this mysterious attacker that val now claims to have knowledge of and so it's X. factors job to go after her again. This will be the second time they have tracked down future raven. Dr kohl at the bell fourche dam god many times have they tracked her down had to track her down total so far quite a few..

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