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Alan the problem with Alan not be enabled for long as you got to be on the sauna and you can't take the final step back you got to think of seven step back to give a wide receiver a chance to get on the ball you can look at all when she was always in the clearing the ball was always five yards sixty dollars over said the same thing with our look at that you he asked and the blackouts if the bills don't get the wide receivers or the screen passes we bought a house fifteen spring past the lines it's going to be too tough another thing is when they do pull ups you got to have a full back in there and he's got to take the blood sugar the outside in the tight end's got a hit the inside the in the son of the Gallup poll get the linebacker itself thanks is a laundry list of songs list of things to do it all sounds like an old coach yeah who does I'm just gonna go out on a limb he's right on about all those council I think the deep ball not the deep ball is I had a seven step drops you know it it works if you can take a seven step drop I don't know if you take a seven step dropped sometimes you don't your quarterbacks on his back up a lot of cool passes these days it's a it's a timing and rhythm thing yeah and I think most teams instead of using us a straight seven step drop like they used to in the old days I think a lot of teams used to play action is a chance to get that extra time for the receivers tat let their routes developing get down the field so instead of having the quarterback just drop deeper they use the play fake to delay the quarterbacks ability get back there and also take a little starch out of the pass rush as well so that's the play action has really taken this place of a seven step drop in the NFL it to me and this but he's right the deep but if you can find a way to resurrect the deep ball that they had at the in the second half of last year put into this year things would be different for this offense but they haven't yet that doesn't mean they'll stop trying the word from victory we haven't seen there complete injury list with juju Smith used to rule themselves out he did talk to the media today he did not practice today he went out early yesterday from practice after aggravating his knee injury today's miss you sure did not want to characterize his re injury is a set back he did say he needed to change the pace of his attempted comeback teleports himself too hard he says he is a non contact knee injury the re have Adam is about strengthening the muscles around the joint so he's out against the bills juju Smith Schuster that means a Pittsburgh relies on Ricky Deontay Johnson veteran James Washington D. on Kane Johnny Holton Kevin Jones is there receiving corps also they really means it means a run yeah Vance McDonald tight end is out as well what do you see that that's right here just came out it just came out of there it's a all yes I was looking for that fifteen seconds ago it popped up up on your time line here and yeah there you go everybody else's is gonna be a good good to go to use miss Schuster and Vance McDonald both out of this game and of course James Conners still questionable but he did have full practice all week okay they dealers injury is out the bills injury list pretty simple with the tie in Seki out and a couple of guys questionable let's get back to some phone calls your thoughts on this match up let's go to Christopher in Rochester hello Christopher Hey thanks for taking my call yes I think one of the key matchups on the game is gonna be Dawson knocks they I think they're able to get him established in the beginning of the game so limit fits Patrick from wandering around the the back end so that way have not actually it's the middle of the field and gets a bunch of receptions road force Fitzpatrick to he and knocks and sort of leave everybody in man to man yeah does he still thought they tried to last week right Dawson then hang on to what they tried to get him involved early and I'm sure they'd like that if you make some catches their Dawson acts of the any made a great one right the one handed catch on the sideline but look I've said it here on this show almost every week keep waiting for Dawson not to become a a force not just a factor Natchez a contributor but a force in the buffalo offense I would love to see that happen Steve yeah I would too and I and consistency would be great as well he seemed flash once or twice catch maybe one or two bowls a game but you'd love to see him get targeted five times with three or four catches on like the wide receivers are it would certainly free up Cole Beasley would free up John Brown as well if you got to have more guys to contribute it spreads the defense that much then or gives them more to think about in the back and and and and obviously comes down to Josh find him as well but yeah the more guys the merrier and I also think when they go empty in going to shot gun out empty which is something they went to late last week against Baltimore when they were sentinels but says Devon single tear is really good at shaking guys off because of his ability to change direction I think he could be come up a dynamic factor in a short quick passing game as well particularly not just out of the backfield but as a as a second slot receiver to one side or the other so they got a lot of guys a lot of ways to to you know that if we think they can get it too but but all I've said it a thousand times all say once more the quarterbacks gonna make the guys is not going the other way around these guys are getting open they've got a chance for Josh to hit him he's got put in on a more consistently another phone call here as we get your thoughts on how this game might play out let's go to Justin in Las Vegas I Justin hello you're on the air this I thank you for taking my call so I couldn't really pick a match up that is going to be most important vote I've came down to is if the offense can score early get the first touchdown the first quarter and put the defense in a position where they are defending believe from Dutch star colleges I think you're setting yourself up for a great game the rest of the way you can just core first of all I had to say yes yeah I'll tell you what is certainly a stress reliever for all of us watching their bills fans right when you got a leading okay because with our defense you feel like that gives you a bigger huge margin of error because it's gonna take a lot of work to score on our defense and you know you it it's interesting last week that game was decided by the one play the difference let up on it was that long did that tight and you know and each you think back it is hard even remembered a nother game with a big play like that in it and that's how hard it is to score on this defense you know you gotta get it you got a hit him and it's it's hard to do that because they're so disciplined so I I agree with you it it feels better for fans when you're watching the bills game and you're cheering for the bills or whatever team you're cheering for and they score early and get that quick touch just like wow that's awesome you know yep couple more from the tweet sheet it is brought to you by Corrigan moving systems the official movers of the Buffalo Bills from Tiffany who says the line needs to establish control of a lighted scrimmage early and often Sunday night they need to play at a bit nasty against the Steelers front seven imposing their will getting the run game going early with motor should take the pressure help take the pressure off Josh go bills this is one of those games you know it's gonna be decided up front along the line both sides of the ball both teams you know bills it is just like last week it's an A. F. C. north game it's big and physical up front and you're going to you're going to see some some grind it out football at times going to be a little bit boring at times and you're gonna it's gonna be hard to complete passes you're gonna see some a you know a lot of really good tackling him first got to the ball makes the tackle both these clubs do a really good job of that for the most part so yeah it's it's gonna be a little bit like that you're gonna be like and it's gonna be like watching two fighters exchange jabs for fifteen rounds and it's you know you're not gonna see too many haymakers one more from the tweet sheet for Max if the Steelers blitz more than usual and Allen can connect on a few deep passes not only will it blow the doors off his game but also make you feel better about the playoffs but he says I don't believe the Steelers will blitz more than expected bills online just need to be solid is it raises a good point Steelers saw the heavy blitz pressure that the ravens put on Josh Allen in the bills yesterday what's the number sixty seven percent a drop actually blitz I don't think Pittsburgh do that but they are yeah I I saw numbers today they blitz thirty five thirty eight percent of the time so they they can send pressure and they might not need to all the time with the past first they can get from those outside line back right they have an excellent pass rush and without blitzing so yeah the end I don't know that that's the big question of the week you know how these teams are gonna mention what they what these coaching staff are going to decide to attack on each other's offenses with these great defense is gonna be fun to watch your score force you wanna do an hour after the break let's do it after the break I don't think about it I don't think given some thought for the first time yeah I don't think about it I didn't say that coming back with more one bill slide presented by Kanata health from the Seneca studio in orchard park this is Buffalo.

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