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Little bit in in also seen him pitch the was sam dyson has has changed in that clubhouse well i do have to say i haven't got to know very well 'cause here's here's required guy and he's not you know i think he's one i i think even i was in texas just a couple of days ago and even those folks they were saying well yeah you knock going to hear much from slam he was there for a few seasons and that's okay he got a very serious cata personality on the surface least but yeah i he's obviously this is what you do with the season's not going well and for the giants were huge chunk of this year certainly not gonna according to plan you take a few chances and this was the perfect the perfect chance to take just to see if you could get him going again 'cause 'cause we know this guy was one of the best relievers in the american league for a couple of years in a row as great stuff posied described his sinker is one of the best he's ever caught when he was with them in the world baseball classic now i know the world baseball classic team pitchers are are a little different than position players but this guy was the closure for team usa of all the guys they had that's the one they picked as their closer to just impossible to imagine things would have poorly as they did for him i think mixing in a slider every once in awhile has helped him a little bit and we've seen that pitch be effective at times mostly though for him he's got ninety seven with zinc and if it's at the bottom of the strike zone he's getting people out period and the alatas thinkers were up out over the middle with texas and whether it's dave righetti use helped him with a little mechanical week or just getting out of a a weird situation for him and take a deep breath and his step back the okay keep your eyes closed i wanna show you my first ever painting all right okay open your eyes so that's a colors and shape so veras what do you think well.

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