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They're great with their former players. They were great with the fans. It is a situation where you gotta wear a lot of hatch. You've got to go to that barbecue and bass drop and be a great person and then go to a board room in Houston and be that same person and people can't do that. Tom Herman didn't do a good job, but that Charlie Strong didn't do a good job, but that John Mack of it didn't do a good job at that. But Mack Brown did an extraordinary job of wearing different hats. And, as he said, putting all the babies back in the box, that's that's what being a coach here is because You're gonna you're gonna have somebody mad at you. Every stinking day. You're gonna have somebody you're gonna have people out there who think they know more than you do, And they think you'll have people out there who expect to have a say just because they give money to buy a sweet or give millions of dollars for the expansion of DK are You think they're stakeholder? That's that's the problem. I think well have at this university, but I don't know that you can reverse that problem. I think if you're the head coach, it is your job. Wouldn't Mack Brown say this? It's your job to manage that problem, too. You know, to massage that problem, I and, you know, I always sort of didn't care for his handling of these situations. But now that I look back on it, I'm like maybe that's what was required. You know, our friend Rod Babers was pretty famously, He was the sideline reporter for the Long one broadcast. And was critical of the team and back, sat him down and said, Hey, you're with us or you're against us, and he said All right, Then I quit on you. You've told me before about how Mac would get on your ass about if you're critical of the team, and I think that's because he is that position. He's the number one. He is the CEO of the brand and the least in my lifetime. He's been the one the only one who's been able to pull it off. You know, he's been the best at it. And Charlie Strong was real bad Tom Herman with not great, not great at it. Not great. And I wonder if Sarkeesian even knows what he's doing. Taking on here. I don't know. I don't know if he knows you're not because It's it's just and speaking of Mac Mac was that way because Mac would get on May, Mac and I are really, really I cherish his friendship. We message yesterday after after he got beat, and I cherish this friendship. But it was Rocky because Mac And he grew out of this mentality of either with us or against us, because I think by the time he left, he knew that Cedric Golden had a job to do Craig Way had a job to do. I had a job to do to be critical when you needed to be critical. So, but it's it is a It's A It's a crazy crazy deal to be head coach here. I don't think he have it in too many other places. You don't have it in Aggie land because those Aggie seems like they rally around their coach. All the time. And boy Jimbo Fisher into the year on a big note by meeting Mac, But they want to know where were you 15 years ago today? Uh, 15 years ago to that years ago. Today is today. The day is today going for the corner. He's gone it that chance young sores 15 years ago. Today. 15 years in about seven hours. I was running around six..

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