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Andrew limbo and pyrrhus Support for all tech considered comes from pecom a tool for HR and payroll designed for productivity allowing employees to perform their HR and payroll tasks in a single software Learn more at pay calm dot com slash radio And from C three AI C three AI software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable problems C three AI is enterprise AI Amplifying Atlanta this is 90.1 I'm Jim burris Atlanta based Delta Air Lines and Georgia's U.S. delegation to Congress certain members of it are celebrating black excellence in the field of aviation this week Congresswoman nikema Williams and senator John ossoff and representative Lucy mcbath have introduced resolutions to designate February 16th as international black aviation professionals day Behind that push one of delta's first black flight attendants Casey grant who served the company for 35 years coming up in 15 minutes a conversation Support for WAB comes from the Atlanta opera presenting rossini's the barber of Seville at the Cobb energy performing arts center Tickets for March 5th through the 13th are available at Atlanta opera dot org and from Emory university's goyu sweater business school in its top ranked full-time NBA programs You can apply to Emory's accelerated one year MBA or traditional two year MBA by March 16th Scholarship still available More at Emory dot biz slash change Hey it's Peter sagal The last time.

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