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Yeah. So we are in my district straddle threes city, we go kind of the, we're the north western boundaries of Johnson county, which is the biggest and wealthiest county in Kansas. And so we straddle Quintero shawny and lenexa and our mound res run from flim at spelled p. a. l. u. m.. And we have we go over to four thirty five. So we're kind of a alone long, narrow rectangle. And is this in the third congressional district on? Is it with a okay? And so we've had cherise David's on the podcast before. So our listeners may be familiar with her and the incredible campaign that she's running. And so presumably that has some down ballot hopefully effects for you as well as people excited to vote for her also one of for you and also vice versa. Yeah. Yeah, I've been. I was on the early Cherie team and we had a really crowded primary by one of the reasons I was drawn to her is she really takes questions and sees them with nuance and answers in really often into quays, and that really resonates with me because that's kind of the way I do in my answer things. And I think about things. I try to answer. I try to see things from a lot of different perspectives centuries have been such an advocate for groups that we just haven't heard from in Kansas or nationally in are being told that their voices don't matter. So I've been really excited about her and really look forward to working with an excellent woman governor with Laura Kelly and being able to do some great stuff with. I'm really middle of the road, moderate democrat here in Kansas like Mara soup lit. What are you hearing from people as you talk to constituents? You know what sort of the the mood around your district in terms of what? What are the issues that people are concerned with and and what are they? How are they responding to your campaign? The issues that people brought up a helmet doorstep, and we've, we've talked about eight thousand doors. We hear a whole lot of people that start by talking about our Kansas public schools and in grave concern for them, even people who don't have children in schools anymore. And one woman in our district used. A line that I've been using ever since which was Kansas, doesn't have mountains or oceans, but we have great public schools, and that's what draws people to us. And people feel very strongly. It's palatable that we have mental core, Jim of who we are as Kansan 's, and they really want there's bad since of quiet, polite, midwest outrage, and that we need to get back to just the moderate people that we were extremism from any corner is no welcome him. People feel very exhausted by the ideological warfare. We've been drawn through in my district after that. The number one thing after we talk about public school, people go immediately to healthcare in our district. We are above the Kansas average. So more fluid more educated district than the rest of Kansas and people are a lot of them are. Healthcare professionals, and they've talked about it from both the personal standpoint, as well as the professional simply that we are a civilized society that had figured out the basic principles how how to care for one another when health is not always guaranteed and we should do better and we can to better so women, the issue that's come up and in regards to state policy is expanding Medicaid. We have not been successful in doing that. It passed in the last two years ago in the legislative session and that it was veto by Brownback and the veto was not able to be over ridden by just a few votes which was devastating for working families and Kansas who are often making minimum wage. And you know the cost of rent or mortgage and the cost of child care, and they're in a coverage gap..

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