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We are broadcasting live from dallas texas on iheart media as well as k. m. e. t. in southern california on. Abc news talk. That's a mouthful. I you know what. I say it all the time but i you know i. Sometimes i'll miss. I always keep the paper. It's written on you know but and sometimes i do something i say always. It's always nearby but it's kind of funny. You would think after repeating something a million times. I think it's because like if you say it one way a few times like it just gets in your head and then the one time you try to change one word it just throws you off. 'cause take me all the time like you'll read something one way all the time and then you change it once and it just throws you off. So yeah i get it. You got to keep it right there. Just in case well and people like consistency and they love good content. And we've got both today. we do. I'm so excited about today's show. I am at the half. We've got stephanie son. If she's a phd a a senior research scientist at mit computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory. She has written this incredible book called toxic legacy how the weed killer glyphosate eight is destroying our health and the environment. I cannot wait to talk to her. She is an absolute rockstar. She's got like five degrees from mit. I think she might even be the smartest woman on the planet. I'm serious and but she's really down to earth. I watched She's been on the show before back when she wrote another book back. I'm going to say five years ago. And i have that book right here. It's a cindy and erica's obsession to solve today's healthcare crisis autism alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease. She was on like i said a few years ago. And i'm so. I'm so thankful to have her back. She's an absolute rockstar. You guys are in for a treat and stay tuned for the half. But right now i want to introduce another rockstar. That's doctor l. dannenberg or dr al. How you doing dr l. wonderful good good. You have a remarkable story. You just have a remarkable story and it never gets old. I'm here to tell you so. Let me introduce you doctor. If you've never heard of dr l. Before he is a periodontics. Certified functional medicine practitioner and adapt trained health professional and certified primal health coach after a terminal multiple myeloma diagnosis dr. Al wasn't supposed to make it to see twenty nineteen let alone be thriving right now with nothing to lose and everything to gain. He developed a plan that evolved into his unconventional cancer. Protocol protocols combining in depth research of ancestral nutrition and lifestyle changes with his knowledge from forty four years as a periodontics on april fourth. Twenty twenty dr. Al was appointed as the chair of the perrow. Donald commit period dantonio committee for the international academy of biological dentistry and medicine and august twenty twenty. He published a too many e book on amazon. Better belly blueprint and is your gut killing you. You can find dr dan at Dr dan excuse me dr dannenberg. I'm butchering dr dan. Doctor dr. dan dannenberg messing. Because i got another doctor dot. Dan doctor dan england. I love him too. But we can find. Dr al dannenberg at dr dannenberg dot com or follow him on twitter at dr dannenberg. I love it. we're talking about today. I always do steps to a healthy mouth so many people just don't even don't even know what to do when it comes to a healthy mouth. I don't think most people even talk about it but today we're breaking down what we need to do and what our dentist should do in order to have a healthy mouth gum and teeth for a lifetime. Not just you know For a few years but your whole lifetime There but is there a one size. Fits all strategy dr al for a healthy mouth. Well i think a concept is one size but everybody's mouth is different. Everybody's nutrition is different. There are certain guidelines that everybody has to follow Helping out just like you know. Everybody asks wash their face Maybe once a day just to get the dirt grandma if you don't you're going to have some problems. Yeah no. I always think of my dad because he when he died at almost one hundred he had almost every tooth in his hat and a full head of hair and and he used to. And that's remarkable right. But but but he always want the tooth's of the brad he loved the cross in the turrets of the italian brad and he said it made your teeth strong so i need to know dr al is that true wuli not unequivocally not so there are other factors going on because he was very healthy but that was not a true statement unfortunately well i think maybe he just like the to and that was his way of getting. I don't know the the is the end of the italian bread for those that don't know But you know on your website dr al. You've written a guide called the four steps to a healthy mouths so before we get to the steps will you explain how plaque is good for us. We've all heard for years that it's a bad thing. Why is it good for us. Yeah i mean first of all. Let's take a look at what's going on in the mouth if you think about it. Is there any structure. That's a hard structure that pierces a skin and embeds itself into sterile the the only structure in the body combined knowledge is the two so the two has this novel and other structures that literally pierced on issue and it's embedded in your sterile jawbone actually if that were the only case and the bacteria in your mouth were to get on that tooth the tooth is slippery like a sliding board it would slide down this to go under the gum. Pass a few other structures get into the sterile bone and your jaw wood. Rot out and you would die. Our species never evolve. I'll be land. That doesn't happen. Ruptures under the gun that help prevent that based on the immune system but there is a superficial structure which is a healthy biofilm that has evolved and we call that dental plaque now dental plaque is made up of maybe two or three hundred different species of bacteria they're all working in conjunction with one another and they do three important things number one they produce. Hydrogen peroxide actually helps kill ten -cially pathogenic bacteria. That's in the mail that wants to get into that gum tooth margin. It also has chemical buffers in the dental plaque that keeps the the acid level from falling below. What's called a ph of five point five. If the acid level gets more acidic than five point five for any length of time..

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