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That scene where she confessed ledell that she's like addicted to weightloss pills matti leave tech scimitar for literally had tears in his eyes aired aussies it was unreal how great that scene was number eight requiem for a dream i got to say i recently saw the movie and i was like left like why do people like this movie of myself i felt like i adriano drugs watching that film like i didn't get it i don't know i love jennifer connelly but there is some gruesome scenes than that when my goodness to her disturbing ya who are this next one is very brief and i'll let you takeover because you'll have much more to say on an i imagine number eight slumdog millionaire an up in uplifting story that's a cross between the kite runner one of my favorite books have read nice and the movie mike salk shouted out city of god and i'll let you take it away from their slumdog millionaire a wonderful storytelling loved danny boyle the director and it's where those underdog stories that was again under doc hit as well as nobody really talked with the film was a huge at the trial film festival ends of winning best picture wonderful storytelling i agree that's like a charming heartwarming story that you can actually get behind however it's on my list number seven the dark night is the best comic book film of the century but didn't make the cut christopher knows best film is memento a daring original highly conceptual thriller that unfolds backwards nolan with a script written with his brother as well placed with conventional narrative with playfulness one chase sequence kyw pierce zero says are these guys chasing me or my chasing them and not only is pierce's stand up and also carry and mosques in the matrix and joe pantoliano one memento all of being a lesson for how we use memory and suppress events to painful to process momentum mark christopher nods arrival as a filmmaker not to be trifled with.

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