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There's an intersection between the quiet tender moments of night and the act of writing and reading poetry breathing something someone else's Rynd, potentially overnight. And then you read it in an ice. Look transmission from one person to another. Fine Nocturne or every listen to podcasts. KCRW sponsors include net. Flicks presenting the original film Roma now nominated by the directors guild for best director Alphonse Cuaron and the producers guild for best film awards eligible. If you are heading out to the roads, please be very careful. Heavy storm just rolling in southern California as we speak and causing a lot of out there starting out in San Fernando north five connect you to the one eighteen shutdown due to a crash downtown Los Angeles north wanna one actually make that east LA north one zero one to the west ten that connector road is closed as well. Nearby north five to the east ten a wreck reported there to panga canyon boulevard shutdown between grandview and PCH due to rock and mudslides. A flash flood watch in effect for LA Ventura and Orange County's rain heavy at times today with highs in the mid fifties to the low sixties it's five zero seven..

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