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Camera in the tequila for helping us bring these extended pod interviews to life. Roger, can we get a tour? We certainly can. I want to raise my first third part of the day to Chelsea football club. Who won the women's FA Cup yesterday with a resounding three nil win over arsenal on a day of true. Historic significance, the final marked a hundred years. Since the Football Association, the English footballing power that be banned women. Yes, band women from playing football saying the game is quote unsuitable for females who ought not to be encouraged. The women's game was only reinstated in 1970. I always find this almost impossible to believe. So yesterday's game was 50 years since the trophy was first contested and on this day Chelsea with magnificent power by Fran Kirby and the impudent Sam Kerr, a forward line known and feared as Kirby. Check out some kurz second goal legit. At high speed chef's kiss, it's on our Instagram Chelsea. Now hold the domestic treble of the FA Cup League Cup and women's Super League. It's incredible. What they're doing or both sides of the women's game and the men's game and I raise my bud fan blood fan to the growth of the women's game around the world in general, but in our country of birth in particular David to watch 40,000 pack fans watching an incredible quality of football and mark the day the game was once banned at the same time. It's an incredible reminder to take none of this for granted. One of the journalists I follow on Twitter just her delight at being on the tube heading off to Wembley and just so many kids, girls and boys wearing arsenal and Chelsea scarves going off to that game just super excited for the spectacle. Wonderful. That's the future future future. Okay, so the football man united won Crystal Palace. Nil. United kick off the Ralph ragnarok era with a scrappy win over the palace, evidence of the Germans desire to turn his team into quote pressing monsters was evident early on with united attempting to apply the clamps in the palace half despite hitting their daily step count in the first half alone. They wouldn't have anything to show for it until the 77th minute when Fred, yes, roger, Fred, unleashed a right footed stonker. Yes, we're talking Fred into the top corner united win two league games in a row for the first time since September and Hale Ralph. Not you has no crank at the wheel and so a new era dawns. How do you follow an act like Michael Carrick who retired? Invincible. After coaching Ronaldo to crack 800 goals for club and country leaving is plucky underdog united in 8th place before kick off. Double R took over tempted to bring a sense of tactical order to Manchester United, self inflicted brand first chaos. And we all tuned in to see if he can too cool a century. It's now a verb, renal de Bruno Sancho and co, this undoubted brain in a bottle. Who become a cult hero of footballer hipster circles by transferring mid level Bundesliga clubs with his vision and his terrible control. And could he do the same with a powerhouse make a walk politically complex little culture or would he end up like Ned Stark, Amanda principle? Naively being undone in King's Landing and we all know how quickly and savagely that ended. Remember, this is a man who was the only actually managed to team for two of the last ten seasons footballing director for most of that irrespective. One big picture talking point we should touch upon David before we dive into the game. This is our big picture coaching special, Premier League, which has long been seen as the most watched football league in the world of its cut and thrust and passionate football has now become the center of football's tactical coaching alphas gathering every single major couch. They used to be scattered across the Bundesliga La Liga and Syria, as well as the Premier League now. They've all been united in Avengers assemble pet Klopp to hook Conte bielsa Ralph rang yike, Dean Smith, the undoubted center of coaching. We are living in a golden age of tactics, David. It's like how on earth do I not get mentioned in that whole thing? So yeah, now it is. It's incredible. I mean, the level of coaches. I mean, go back 20 years and read the names of the coaches in the Premier League. It is unbelievable stuff. But it doesn't change the bottom line, which is the only one team can win the league only four qualified for the Champions League, another couple get into the Europa League. There is still going to be so much loss and so much heartbreak and so much turnover, and that's what I find actually more entertaining that you have these enormous cultures. You've got these enormous personalities. There's enormous success stories, and inevitably, several of them are going to come into the league, plus by God, the former players who are coming in with these huge profiles that Lampard's the gerards. And you know the majority are going to fail. And the game will ever more be about the tiniest slim margins as we will discuss in this one Rennick and fully and unchained siphon. The team that dropped arsenal three two in that helter skelter Thursday clash with Diogo dalot and tell us that fall back. But in the first half, to me, fascinated for your read, united did look like a very different team. They began by pressing closing in, charging in whenever they lost the ball, tried to win it right back with an energy and an odd that with Sancho. Really, the pick of the bunch reveling almost in a chance to start all over again. What did you say? I saw a team tried to impress their new manager, not only with their pressing, but also with their organization, how vocal they were being with each other across the whole park. Trying to play more as a cohesive unit rather than as a team of individuals. Still not really exploding. They certainly went close a few times, but they certainly looked like an improved squad. You know, we kind of remember, they'd only had the blink of an eye one session on the training ground you leader. And watching United press here, you always knew that they would be susceptible to the Zaha.

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