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Two weeks of the corona virus pandemic in the United States announcing at a press conference Saturday. There will be quote in but a lot of death again. It is hard to fathom since the numbers are already so overwhelming in so bleak over a million cases worldwide and the virus has killed more than eight thousand five hundred in the United States alone last Sunday the US death toll was around two thousand the week before just over three hundred as the crisis worsens. The president is also taking advantage of distracted nation choosing this moment to fire the Inspector General of the Intelligence Committee who notified Congress about the whistle blower complaint that led to the president's impeachment Saturday. The president announced that the military is going to war to help the states sending a thousand. Us Air Force and US Navy medical providers to New York over the next three days joining us. Now thank secretary. Mark Asper Secretary Asper. Thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate it. You're sending more personnel to New York City over the next few days. Mayor Bill De Blasio called for a quote national enlistment effort for medical personnel across the country to bring more healthcare professionals. There take a listen. We don't have the same kind of draft we used to have. But we're GONNA have to create something new right now at this moment in history to enlist all available medical personnel around the country and I mean civilians anyone with medical training. What do you think secretary? Are you willing to do that? Well first of all. Jake thanks you. Thanks for having me on this morning. I wanted lay at least three things up front to help. Frame our discussion first of all the Department of Defense has been all in now since the beginning of this going back to plus months to January. We've been all in and ahead of the curve when it comes to responding to the krona virus. Secondly I've laid out now. Three clear priorities for the department defense. I protect our people Second ensure we retain our national mission capabilities and third Provide full support to president. Trump's whole of government hold nation response. The third point like to do is. I'd like to thank all the fifty thousand. Plus American soldiers sailors airmen marines around the streets of America today helping out their Their fellow Americans many are deployed away from home away from their families many more risking their own lives. Their welfare helped the American people. But that's what we do. We're going to continue to support this effort now. With regard to the Mayor's statement I've had several conversations with the mayor. We've been working very closely as you know. We have over a thousand doctors. Nurses and other medical professionals deployed now around the United States in several cities many of them are in New York City. The mayor I talked as recently as Thursday. I spoke to the governor on Friday. What we plan on doing now is deploying over. Eleven hundred additional Doctors and nurses and other medical professionals to New York. The bulk of them. The we'll go to the javits center and then as of late yesterday we agreed to deploy a few hundred them to eleven New York City hospitals. That are also seeing a deficiency when it comes to medical staff. What's interesting Jake we are? We will soon be taking over the JAVITS CENTER. A twenty five hundred bed capacity to show you how all in we are. The United States military will soon be running the largest hospital in the United States That shows your commitment. Cnn reported earlier this week that the Pentagon has not shipped any of the two thousand ventilators that you have to fema or two hhs because you were not told where to send them following up on that story have fema or h s reach now to yet to tell you where to send those ventilators or do you still have them that reports dot accurate Jake. We have I while many of those ventilators deployed with the US. Ns Comfort and mercy in In New York and La respect respectively there with our field hospitals. We have several filled hospitals deployed in New York in Seattle in New Orleans. Dallas and then we provided Several hundred ward pre-positioned and radio particularly with regard to New York City when they're needed as you may know Hhs as several thousand ventilators in stock right now and they plan on delivering those first on top of that we we. We've delivered millions of and ninety five masks to both New York and twelve other city states around the country and other people so of the two thousand ventilators at the Pentagon had. How many do you still have? I'd have to do a quick count but probably were probably sitting on a few hundred. But we're sitting on them in the sense that they're prepared to ship once once once. Hhs exhausted stock the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt captain. Brett Crozier was relieved of his command on Thursday after he wrote memo that expressed his dire concerns about the more than one hundred infected sailors in corona virus outbreak on his ship and whether or not those individuals would spread the virus to the thousands of sailors also on the ship. I want you to take a look at this video of Captain. Crozier leaving the chip to cheers.

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