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I just when Nolan Aaron auto walks. I just want everybody to remember how much money the Iraqis spent on three shitty relievers. Daniel Murphy Indian Desmond. Yeah. Just remember it. Because that's the money. And if you wanna throw Charlie Blackmon, and they're very good baseball player. But who's who who immediately got worse as soon as he got paid the money, but I'm not putting any nefarious nece there. But like it didn't time out well for the Rockies the way he wouldn't get that. We'll get to that later. But like to me this the Rockies feel like a team that just goes from plan to plan to plan every like six to eight months, and like, I think the roster construction reflects that. Well, yeah, I mean going with the the Super Bowl Penn idea last winter, and then they know they pay Charlie Blackmon. But if you're if you're Nolan are an auto himself, and you're sitting there knowing that you're coming up on your your walk year. And you're watching all this money be spent an allocated to all these places like after why what what the fuck are we doing here? Like, why why are we not having conversations about what I could be making beyond. The is it this is walking. I thought it was twenty twenty. No, no, no, no. This is his final year. Oh shit. All right. Yeah. So then it's because that's who Aaron auto is. He's not concerning himself with that shit. You're not worried about that. Keep you have. I don't believe that true. When you're that type of player crops. You're not worried about it, bro. No. But you you you're if you're knowing are not, oh, you're definitely looking at the Charlie Blackmon deal being like where the fuck might pay day. No, no what you know. That's what I mean is you're not you're not you're looking at because the idea of not being able to retain Nolan air is far more present in their front offices mind than it was about Charlie black. So if you're not, oh, you're looking at that going. Okay. Well, that that just Jaren tease me X, and you keep it moving you, go take your ground balls. You go make your sandwich, and you get ready for the game Nolan or not not not sitting over there base going. Well, I better get this. If that is that is the last thing on his mind, he's looking at those numbers going. Okay. That's a baseline. That's cute. Like, he's he's enjoying that. Ian, Desmond has been worth below replacement level each of the last two years. So maybe they'll maybe they'll try him in as a long man relief pitcher at some point of the all time. Biggest swings and misses was Ian, Desmond saying no it was like a six year hundred hundred dollars. Yeah. Although to his credit he recouped what like seventy eighty percent of that. Yeah. Could've been a lot worse. We can go quickly pass this when I think on a ball Sanchez to the national any thoughts. Feelings concerns cannot believe he's still in the league. I can't believe he got eighteen or nineteen million dollars guaranteed for almost two eight three zero over twenty five starts made some adjustments with the cutter. And again, he's joining Corbin Strasbourg Shire's her go get the the original Hanley Ramirez deal. He sure was former Uber prospect back in the day. Yeah. The thing. I I guess I'm not confused. But I guess my question here is is that they essentially paid him the money that they saved in the Tanner Roark deal. So I don't know anything about the prospect that they got in the Roark deal. But like he's basically filling both his slot in the rotation and his salary slot. I'm not convinced that Sanchez is better than Tanner rower. But. Well, they just need them to kind of be okay, right fourth or fifth starter best. Yeah. We hit on lucrative the angels already..

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