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So you get eight hours of me for you loyal listeners for you not collide to get get it off we'll always have me on in the background I thank Alexa while you're at it since I know that you do just call played Jodie Mac and poke popped right up where I right after the break I don't know if that's the case but I know I mean would you would explore hours Adam is a loss is everybody else let me just repeat this CBS sports radio that's the channel that chart edict that's our mantra that's what we are yet there is very little sports to talk about because of the situation we're dealing with in this country right now and I am not adverse to talking about where our country sits right now I am not a politician I've never been one I never will be one I have some strong beliefs about things in life I don't want this to break down into a political discussion because Daddy is borderline disgusting as far as I'm concerned I'm is afraid of the corona virus is anybody else I am taking the proper steps to try and insulate myself in any people around me so as to not pass this terrible virus on but it has been extremely annoying for me over the last five days so basically since I last talked to you and some of the days have been more decision filled than others speech failed than others but it really does bother me the people are trying to make political hay at a time where our country needs to act together rather than point fingers of blame and make excuses and man oh man oh man can we just not trying to get to a very tough time here in our country which we have no we all data to put for daisy definitive opinion on how long it's gonna last I'm hoping by a month I don't know that that's optimism on my part and yes if it makes me adult for following the lead of Adam silver god bless him who acted concisely in making his decision to shut down the N. B. A. for thirty days that that's my new standard good yeah in case you didn't know okay to catch me.

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