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Hey Yeah this speech is my recital. I think it's very vital to arrive. That's right on time. It's tricky is the town it's tricky to rock overrun to Rutta around. That's right on time. It's Okay. It's tricky tricky. We're not talking about Randy. And now we are at all like this has nothing to do with Rod DMC. This is the SOG tricky. It's just because we probably both have this song stuck in her head for the last week. What do you think yes? I have had this song stuck in my head a lot because it's an earworm. It is an earworm of song but also I kind of WanNa learn all the lyrics so we can do that Kariuki now. Oh yeah no I mean I already. I got him so I mean there on screen so yeah but I don't know like the cadence of Oh. Yeah Yeah now listen to it all week. We'll be good for Kariuki. I say this is a. This is a solid karaoke hit. Yeah and we're not talking about it not at all. Let's just snip. That right in the bud. Yeah no doing it not going to happen. Welcome candy where we don't talk about run DMC not today not yet not yet. Not Today eventually. Oh Yeah we'll get there. They'll get the rock turned rock trained Freeman Rock treatment. No free referring to something. I would say we're not. Words are great for us. I am Maggie and I'm taken to drink sorry I'm Ashley and we're hosts and we are bringing you sweet treats from the world's music every week. Yeah and this week we're going obscure I I don't WanNa see obscure but I guess obscure kind of but also he's been around for a very long time. He is insanely influential. And you probably don't even know who he is. Yeah which is unfortunate again. I think we're just tapping into more for black history month of these artists that are super important to the world of music and very influential. And you just don't know. Oh my God like rap. Wouldn't be what it is today. If it wasn't for this artist ELECTRONICA wouldn't be what it is today. If it was not better or worse it depends on how you look at it. Yeah yeah either way either way is what it is you can definitely think this dude for it. Yeah Yeah today. We are talking about the musical artist. Tricky hence the song in the beginning gas and heads maybe some confusion maybe some have when they see the title of this. Are they just going to spend an hour and a half talking about the song? Turkey we probably could but no. I feel like there's not that much set song. It's just a fucking jam. Yeah but yes so. We are talking about this artist. Tricky you might be wondering who he is for some of you. If I say massive attack maybe that will jog something up for you. He was definitely heavily involved in the beginnings of band. That group also another incredibly influential band. That only really gets talked about in vary like obscure listrik holes and Shit like that. Yeah and then people will remain at our heard from fi but then again a lot of our UK and listeners and European listeners are probably hearing us say tricky and massive attack thinking. Yeah no I know who that is. I'm not an idiot but Americans are dumb they already it's and they don't really look into this show. We don't get as much music as we should over here. Yeah we get a lot of garbage hold on a garbage hold on a boat rock still still on my part rock over here for some reason he still really into venture seven belts so seven. Yeah my favorite band. There's so memorable terrible guys. Seven folderol good bad. You're such a hot topic band but LENA LATE. Two thousands hot topic bands like the the bad the real bad topic hot topic years. Yeah Yeah we talk about that topic here. When hot topic discovered the nightmare before Christmas? That's when everything just went fucking downhill and years after the movie comes out there like Hey Jamie see this week makes so much money off of this. We've really straight off topic hot topic. We paid hot right about hot topic. Yeah please talk about tricky because fuck hot topic and we should definitely talk about the beer drinker. Hit US harder than we thought. I don't know actually four percent. It's hitting me harder than I thought it would. I had half an a snickers ice cream bar before we started drinking breakfast for you know that was lunch. Okay so this week. We are drinking from single cut boo. Smith's Boozman looseness. There would be a great like just a really great title for a brewery. That does all Halloween themed boost Smith. Spoo- Smith Saul. Yeah let's you know what we're done guys neck podcast where we're going to start a buoy. Don't you take that idea? That's all the copyrights we also you so fast. Always this is recorded. We HAVE PROOF. We have proof. You stole it from US. Anyway. We're drinking. Shyness is nice which is a tart. It's fine it's honestly like most single cut assign stuff we've had. It's just fine. This is fine. It's not particularly tart but it's not overwhelmingly. Ip a what we did have a very inland discussion before according about what it really tastes like and it really reminiscent of a flavor of when you use half of the frozen concentrate can you don't use the full can because you're trying to save money which they use the same amount of water in which is really watered down or feel like probably a lot of the younger folk that listen to us probably don't know what the concentrate is. They make frozen concentrate anymore. I don't really see it very much at all. I remember going to the grocery store and there are cases upon cases a fruit. Concentrate that you would make Wella's Walsh's was the jam it was so I'm no get out. Get out get the fuck out of here no it. That was the cheap way to make orange juice juice as you got the concentrating dollars. Fifty cents fifty cents a dollar. Whatever for a little can of frozen concentrate our for four. I think there are like twenty five cents. There were only ones you guys know. Do you remember he wants to go? Get the like the little clear powders. Really Twenty ten cents. I think yeah they were like ten cents lower lake ten for a dollar usually Gillis. Wow we're not. We're not interesting to stay on. This tastes like very watered-down Orange juice concentrate. Yes you would get frozen in a tube. Yes I had to kind of stretch with this one. Like as far as building with it but China's nice you will soon discover that due to tricky shyness as a person it helped him cultivate the artists. He became yeah. I kind of feel like we're this cut. We're getting into some deep cuts with our beer choices. I mean arguably that's a single cut does anyway in before I really get into it. I would like to cite my source. Most of everything. I'm giving you guys I found. Actually it's nice. Tricky is very interview. -able he likes to talk so it was easy to find interviews but also. I read his biography. Hell is round the corner and this was co written with Andrew. Perry so he did have a little help. But I'm really want to highly suggest this biography to anyone. Listening Eighty is really interesting. He's a great writer He writes like he's talking to you. Which is something I enjoy. He has a crazy interesting story and there are some things that I wanted to get into. But I just didn't have the time so please pick up this book if you ever see it yet I really WanNa read it. Yeah there's some really good stories their stuff with David Bowie in there that I wasn't able to so that could be more stories for episode on Weird Shit David Bowie did our eventual spinoff podcast. Weird Shit though. We did basically yeah. We basically his life. Yeah but yeah he Because you know. British artists recognize Yeah it helps. I guess now is the time I'm going to get into the story of two Ricki Hall Radi before I do get started though on the life of tricky. I want to give a little background into the musical genre known as trip hop because really he's one of the fathers of the Stranraer. Please tell me more. I feel like you don't tell me more trip hop is not easy to describe. I just tried to do it the other night. And it's very hard it is it is a blending of hip hop and Electronica in hints of Jazz are Embi House soul psychedelic kind of a little bit of everything. There is a very experimental element to it with in its music as well as the visuals overall all experimental. It's style of music that maybe not everyone is familiar with but its influence reaches throughout most genres of all the music. We hear today after this episode. If you go back and listen to artists like gorillas back Madonna Bjork radiohead Queens. The Stone Age Janet Jackson even the Flaming Lips. Oh yeah our favorite favorite but you can hear hints of trip hop in. Yeah absolutely them. I don't listen to electronic so maybe I'm far off base here but I feel like trip hop is the most easily digestible of the sub genres. I'll say in house can be most commercialized yet. And they're the ones that are most commercialized. That artists like Madonna and stuff like that will seek out people that have experienced in those genres. Yeah and bring them in and put that kind of influence into their music so that the masses will hear it. All of those musicians can thank the trip. Hop Movement of the Ninety S for pushing the envelope of sound and tricky was at the forefront. Whether or not he meant to be this isn't what I would call a classic underdog story. It may just be a story of being incredibly lucky throughout your life and tricky is actually the first to admit that but luck are not his ingenuity. Artistry cannot be denied. Tricky was born Adrian. Nicholas Matthews Thaws on January twenty seventh nineteen sixty eight. That's such a generic name but like so many with so many names right age. I don't know Adrian's Kinda Fun. That's a good name Adrian. He is the son of Roy. Thaws a Jamaican man and maxine Quaye. Who was Anglo Guyanese? So her family mixed Guyanese in English British. I should Throughout his childhood being mixed rate race would play a big part in Turkey becoming who he is today while wouldn't be inclined to say either. His parents had a musical influence on him. They both had some artistry in their backgrounds. Roy worked on the studio seventeen sound system with his father is one of the best known in England at the time and nicknamed Tarzan. The.

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