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Musical or like musical performance performed out out in front of we saw the rock fighting. Keep it right. It's like they're they don't wanna be dealing with this. This is not something they they anticipated. So there's been some discussion that they're you know. Say hey we're just gonna quit the job. This isn't worth it anymore. Wow unfortunate That's sad. But i mean we're kind of living. I mean. imagine being eight. Thanks for the call. Well imagining a small business owner. These days you know what i mean. It's a minefield first off. It's like you're dealing with the city. The city has banned outdoor dining. But there's an homeless encampment can kampman like living on the sidewalk in front of you and then you go. Well i'm gonna put a job so people can eat outside in the homeless. You got to get a permit for that and then god forbid you end up on. Tmz the next of whack of doodles of all come down from both sides of the of the quake protests outside put sandbags for your door and then they evict you put a fence around it and then somebody there's no. There's no grab bar and one of the stalls and some guy and by the way markle tell you because he owns businesses. They're skies just made a cottage industry of exploiting the system and of course california's so progressive. That if a guy goes in and there's no bar and he's in a wheelchair then he you're getting sued and then there's just attorneys just specialize in the money grab and it's like it's kind of like fuck it right now. Who that yeah. There's no risk i agree. All right. let me hit simply safe. we'll see if we can find those clips. I was looking for max pat. Let me hit simply safe their founders chad eleanor. Lawrence design their first security system in their kitchen because they had a friend that got a broken into. I think these guys were at harvard. I'm usually like ivy league guys in the friend theirs got their home broken into and there's nothing there wasn't good system out there so they made one they've been making people feel.

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