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I don't blame china after all who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens i give china great credit trump also try to address the north korean people say they live a hell no one deserves so what do they think of that cnn's will ripley was there in north korea any ons people to no one's surprise he found them sticking closely to the regime script in north korea were the news is under strict government control state media gave only a brief mention of president trump's speech at the south korean national assembly no details of his scathing indictment of north korean human rights and harsh words for their supreme leader kim jongun north korea is not the paradise your grandfather invasion it is a hell that no person deserves despite heavy restrictions on the flow of information our government guides allow us to tell pyonyang citizens exactly what trump sand dunes alert that's absurd says housewife leon he reality here is very different we're leading a happy lights and we enjoy exclusive right when you say you have rights that people don't have outside of north korea what do you mean by that we didn't power one example is our outstanding leader marshal kim jongun she says is leading us to a better future not trump has no place to talk about human rights he's a simple warmaniac eat on human not on her answer echoes north korea's leading newspaper which called president trump's words quote warmongering filthy rhetoric spewing out of his now like garbage that rigs of gunpowder to ignite war.

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