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Stapleton dot com. Slash donate and check that out. Okay, Ron. Paul wrote a little piece on Venezuela and zero head zero. Hedge picked it up, and that's where I found it from the Ron Paul institute. It says this week we witnessed a horrible spectacle of Nikki Haley. I actually saw this article and I almost talked about it, and then I was like, whatever. Just another Neo, conservative out there calling for the ousting of I did find it odd. What happened was I realized that you guys don't realize know what happened. Nikki Haley was outside the UN with a bunch of Venezuelan protesters saying, essentially, we're going to fight for Venezuela, we're, we're going to continue to do it until Madero is gone. Basically. She was outside the UN calling for the ousting of sitting president in Venezuela. Now. I don't know whether the election was a sham in Venezuela or not. I I have not. It is highly suspect that he would be reelected by such large margins, but he is still a quote, unquote, definitely democratically elected leader and some of you will immediately object to that. I understand. I, I'm not saying that it's legitimate. What I am saying is we have been calling for the an actively pursuing the ousting of dictators for bumble as fifteen years twenty years now. And it has apps. It is produced us nothing but negative results. The very idea that Nikki Haley would be outside the UN actively protesting. The ousting of another dictator seems to me to be Choi, complete, lack of understanding of what America has been involved with for the last several years and what what we should really be doing. Not to mention the fact. She's a u. n. diplomat. She's a diplomat she should not be calling for active war, an active overthrow of a sitting president, but she did. She now what one of the things I'm I'm just gonna. I know I'm going to sit here. Okay, I recognize I'm sending when I say this, but there are parts about Ron. Paul that I wish he would. I wish he would soften. I guess one of the things that I wish he would soften because I think it helps his messaging to non libertarian people is his constant discussion of of how bad America is. And whenever we look at Venezuela, it's always like, oh, well, you know, Venezuela bad, but America's bad too. You know, I, I get that. And that's a conversation for us inside the libertarian community. It's just something that I, I wish he would re frame, I guess, is the best. I think there's a better way to talk about it and I'm gonna try and talk about it. Here, but in the article, he goes on to say, this is the neo-con mindset that someone in the US has the authority to tell the rest of the world how to live and who may hold political power regardless of the election. So very truthful statement. I can't disagree with any of that. But again, frustrating to me just the way it's the way it's put on almost like it's it's not a blame America first, but you kind of get it kinda has that stink on it. He goes on to say something I thought was really powerful. I highlighted here. He says, imagine that if President Putin Putin's national security adviser had grabbed a megaphone in New York and call for people of the United States to overthrow their government by force and what would you do? And he makes very solid point there is that Nikki Haley is in a sense you can imagine our reaction if someone from foreign country had gotten a megaphone and called for the overthrow of a sitting US president, whether or not you like Donald Trump. Unless you're lunatic, you're not going to advocate for the of the forcible overthrow the coup of a president. I, I submitted to you virtually every coo- every every revolution that has ever happened and how violent and and disgusting and terrible. It was even our own revolution. I mean, I spent years in Iraq watching what happens to people who have had their country torn apart. It is not a pretty thing. Anybody who advocates for it and there are a lot of anarchy capless who do that that really wanna see the government completely implode. I do not wanna see that..

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