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The kind of rhetoric there's been flying around for both the north korean regime and the president are not to imagine what if scenarios we want to do that kind of responsible way obviously so we brought in general james spider marks it was the top american military intelligence official in south korea journal march just first of all it's look at at the map here because you're the distances are so close there really are the capital of south korea seoul that distances about thirty miles from the border from the dmz which is located here in red and then the capital of north korea's pyongyang obviously a little more distance all of this very compact terrain and very mountainous so if there was god forbid a conflict involved in the us involving south korea north korea what would what are we look let me let me go to this map if i can first of all again for orientation seoul and its proximity to the demilitarized zone is what we call this and then pyongyang is up here these two by pointer references where the missile launches have been taking place in where the missile development and nuke development is taking place so if we were going to have if the north koreans we're going to there are two essential invasion quarters one is from the town of case on it goes further south to the south korean town of moose on and then the other one is the chore one corridor so these two corridors victor right into seoul but what you see today is a heck of a lot of urbanized glass buildings residential parks business industrial parks that exists all these invasion quarters now are what we call urban is very compartmentalized trained not valleys also let me let me point this up you could see the mountain ranges that exist here in the north from about north northwest northeast like this but what's important to point out let me do this on the north slope of these mountain ranges is where the are tillery pieces are located in caves so the worst thing that could happen is the zero warning scenario where these are tillery pieces of brought out and then they start to launch into soul and if you're launching we're talking about conventional weapon you're talking about how many missiles going toward seoul how many rockets and and the effect and help quick we're talking what seconds seconds this flight time is probably forty five seconds to a minute how long it would take a rocket going from here into seoul these are these are tillery pieces exactly correct and rockets and missiles or kind of co located with here as well and the only thing we can do initially is we're there's going to be a blow in seoul it's going to be hit there will be death there will be some destruction that occurs but our air force is so capable what will happen is our air force will make this kind of emotion to come down flight path to go after this because you can only after these artillery pieces because you can only attack those from the north to the south but a lot of these are in caves or saying they're in caves but they have to pull them out to fire them when they start to fire them they become very vulnerable but just realistically forty five seconds long flight time from launch to hitting soul soul is what ten million people and yeah in terms of industrialized cities we're talking about skyscrapers full glass yeah exactly let me let me go to the south korea map absolutely correct again the two invasion corridors are here into soul and here into soul that is completely industrialized right now what would happen is what you see me also indicate here that total population is about twenty million people in this area from camp humphreys which is a us location the town appealing tech and soul that's incredibly urbanized the other thing to point out is that these locations are where all the logistics flows into country and casualties and personnel civilian personnel will be evacuated out but so it just in terms of warning if this is again no no warning from the north koreans and it's launched people have forty five seconds it's exactly for the before rockets are exactly chrysler star seoul is within that umbrella the artillery range is about like that seoul is within.

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