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Coach similar thought processes to <hes> what podcasting is all about in and i think it's a perfect kind of <hes> event for you're trying to basically empower new podcasters to the to the medium and pamela. What's your thought on that. I mean you're much longer <hes> you you know kind of visitor of dragon con that i am but i mean how do you see that community fitting with the podcasting space. Wait what's been really amazing to me is watching how the podcasting track dragon khan has evolved. I it was one of the very first podcasting tracks to happen at one of these mainstream popular conventions and see how a lot of the o. g. podcasters who are there that showed up initially and they were there just for the podcasting track but now the recording there live episodes on the scifi track on and the skepticism track on the science track because there's so many podcasters not just grouped up as podcasters. We're going out and getting acknowledged as pretty much mainstream so that the podcasting track can be there to focus on well. This is how you make the podcast and to see all of this content going from ni shen cast off to this tiny room in the hilton to being embedded throughout the entire convention has been amazing and at the same time because we're now embedded all over the convention. There's this feedback loop where people are finding out about the podcast truck while they're in a sci-fi track and coming over and becoming well new listeners to a variety of new new shows that wouldn't have heard about except for having that track at the convention you go to a lot of different events probably robin. I would never even think about going to to where where are other growth areas that really maybe haven't thought about doing a podcast and you you obviously go to symposiums. I'm assuming and that type of stuff. But where are you seeing. Where do we need more content. I think we need more educational content but i'd be very careful about saying. We need more educational content because fundamentally pretty much all the shows all the padres chapter. Yeah true are an educational show. What's really got me is podcasting is being used to create community change range in so many different niche areas in the computer science realm. There's coating for good titan. Shows that get you thinking about what goes into software development other than just code and a lot of it is as you get better software. When the people writing the software actually likes each other and when you pay attention to psychiatry <hes> not psychiatry psychology of how human beings worked together so seeing these crossovers in different professional fields this this is still a new and growing field and i think what i'm seeing in computer science. There's room for that to exist in pretty much every profession where you get the leaders in the field the evangelists for this technology or that art form going online and talking about what it is they create an interviewing the other people who are out there pushing these fields forward while also creating societal change within these different disciplines plates. It's pretty awesome to watch right and it's it's a storytelling medium and that's that's really core to human..

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