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I think that's what you're trying to say but I'm with you completely frank I about you. I'm bad at math. I don't know how they're going to do that. Fewer snaps for more. We're touches but I think it speaks a number one. North Turner is a brilliant offensive coach and I think what Emily said is so true about Cam Newton. I think he's going to be throwing the ball down the field. They'd be Christian McCaffrey Africa to play at a high level and by the way a lot of people are picking McCaffrey as preseason or favorite to be the M._v._p.. The league this year that's how many touches you're gonNA get pre-season favorite ever to be the M._v._p.. Let's buy or sell that real quick. Frank is Sola Christian McCaffrey Israel Gutierrez Christian McCaffrey Kathleen Patrick Mahomes Bill plachy Frank GonNa make people. I'll tell me take all these can have a good year the move by herself till the Yankees are missing money. Brian Cashman only wants to spend pocket Change Bradford William Davis New York Daily News. There's that and then in the New York Post he walking dead rift not sure if this land for you who cashman is a Zombie I guess by herself Brian Cashman the lose of the trade deadline like the New York media wants you to believe Emily Yeah I. I totally think that there are losers or the after gop better they did not everyone in their mother knew that the Yankees needed better starting pitcher their starters have the worst era in the most Brunson's all-star break thirty home runs. That's insane and Brian Cashman goes down so I talked to every single team except for the Red Sox. He couldn't get something done because the deals were too expensive for us. It seems a little bit of the Yankees they're crying for Israel Gutierrez. Yeah Cashman can't win here because saying the deals were too expensive. They falls on deaf ears for New York Sunday in the New York Media Madison Bumgarner had a no trade clause it included the Yankees so did Zach Cranky and the mets are not trading Noah syndergaard to the Yankee so what were are they supposed to do but I will say this. It's moments like right now. When you wonder what would George Steinbrenner's reaction be to trade blows my mind live right here afraid so you're saying too much is being made of of New York being the loser Hickey? Stop picking on the Bill Madison Bumgarner. Were very smart people for the the way. They don't want to go to New York Frank <hes>. I think a lot of people are like that but no the Yankees could have. You've figured this out who's going to be the star of the Game One of the playoff game to gain Taku start. WHO's a rotation? We don't even know this yet. They could have gotten someone to stabilize that. They have a rich and deep farm system use it. A lot of people are saying Christian. McCaffrey could be the preseason postseason M._v._p.. For the N._F._l.. Network Eh there we go. We'll get one person. That's fine great cardinals last night. Check this out miles Michael Shop shop to the left side of the Infield play first base miles McCullough's chop to the glove of the covering David Boat..

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